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Looking to make a career jump but concerned about selecting a field that is a little too competitive? You’re not alone. Nowadays, many prospective workers are choosing industries that are in need of people with specific skills. And they are finding there are plenty of high-paying career paths that are desperate to fill positions with new talent and hard workers. Thankfully, institutions like Excelsior College have numerous programs with good career prospects.

Mechanical design

Got a penchant for numbers? Interested in a more scientific field? Then a career in mechanical design might be the perfect fit for you. Also known as machine design, mechanical design is fairly self-explanatory. A designer is responsible for crafting various components of engineered equipment. Often this means designing for optimal performance. Many mechanical designers work in the automotive industry and are continuously developing products and parts that can withstand the common wear and tear vehicles produce while still maintaining excellent performance. It requires a lot of testing, calculations, and patience, but it’s a field that gives you an opportunity to really put your stamp on a design.

Keep in mind that there are some pretty robust educational requirements for a mechanical design position. For starters, you’re going to need a bachelor’s degree from a quality institution. Luckily, Excelsior College has a robust engineering program that won’t sap up all of your time. On top of that, if you’re interested in independently selling your services, you need to maintain licensure in each state as well as the District of Columbia. Mechanical designers have a wide variety of career paths to pursue and quality workers are almost always in demand. Starting salaries definitely don’t hurt, either!


With a growing population and increasing wellness needs, it’s no wonder that many healthcare facilities are in need of qualified nurses. It’s an excellent field for anyone interested in patient care and you can rest easy knowing that it requires substantially less time spent in higher education than a doctorate program. Plus, many nurses often can create schedules that work for them and earn solid starting pay. There’s potential for career growth as well, whether it’s pursuing further nursing roles or administrative positions.

As far as education is concerned, there are plenty of customizable schooling options, such as the Excelsior College nursing program. These provide enough flexibility for you to maintain a healthy school-life balance but give you all of the education you need to remain competitive when it comes time to put out applications and go on interviews. Becoming a nurse also frequently requires exams and certifications, though these can vary by state.


It may come as a surprise that many administrative roles are needing filling. After all, they come with management responsibilities, salary increases, and greater scopes. However, many industries are finding that they’re simply unable to find the right candidates for these roles. Thankfully, Excelsior College offers administrative education in a wide variety of markets. Interested in healthcare but not so sure you want to be on the hospital floor? Consider pursuing a Healthcare Administration degree. More interested in business, finance, and sales? Their Business Administration program is right up your alley. Have you always had a strong interest in government and politics, both local and national? Public administration might just be your calling. With their wide variety of programs at several levels, you could reasonably pursue your bachelor’s and masters at Excelsior College.

In today’s economy, looking to industries with worker shortages is the smart move. Not only does it mean that the applicant pool is less competitive, but it also means that many companies are boosting their benefits to remain appealing to new hires. Naturally, this isn’t an exhaustive list of industries. Many others, from scientific and mathematical fields to social service workers are experiencing a big demand for new talent. With some searching, preparation, and possibly a little bit of time spent going back to school, you’ll be on the path to a new career before you know it.

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