How a Teacher and Mother of Two Dropped a Dress Size in One Week – Without the Gym


Let me introduce you to Cathy who currently lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. She has two kids aged 5 and 8, which she suspects could “power the sun with the energy they have.” Every morning she gets breakfast ready for her boys, then her husband, and then finally feeds herself something quick as she rushes out the door for work. This same routine has been going on since her first child was born. On any given day she allows herself maybe 15 minutes of “me” time. Naturally, she doesn’t see herself being able to lose any weight at such a hectic time in her life. “My body just hasn’t been my friend the last couple of years,” she says and genuinely doesn’t have the time to join a gym. Still, she thinks to herself that it would be great if she could just lose some weight around her stomach area. Then she could fit back into her favorite dress without second-guessing how it looks.

She knows not to trust any magical product, alleged laboratory break-through or your typical advice of relying solely on sheer willpower to eat less and workout more. We’ve already heard the gurus and guess what… IT AIN’T WORKING. In the real world, most of us don’t have the time to join a gym or go running in the morning. “And if you’re telling me to skip dinner you’ve got another thing coming!” It’s for us that I want to prove it’s still possible to lose weight no matter how busy you are. But how?

When she first heard about a Slim Tea Challenge,” she figured, “Why not, I love drinking tea anyway.” The trouble that most of us don’t realize is that there are far more beneficial teas out there besides the traditional greens, blacks, and whites. Any herb can be used as a tea… and it just so happens that the most “unheard of” herbs are also the best for our health. Of course it would be that way, right?

Typically they grow in climates where not that many people live, so unless you were a local to a tropical rain-forest, you’ve probably never heard of them. If we want to suppress junk food cravings (better than protein can) or if we want to clean out / detox the body (better than lemon water can) then there are 4 herbs that can be used individually that stand out more than all the rest. I’ve discovered this through my own research and case studies, which you won’t find anywhere else. This works out perfect for busy parents trying to regain their health and shape.

So Cathy decided to begin this process Monday morning while the kids were still sleeping. Instead of using tap water like usual, she prepared ahead of time by getting a large bottle of distilled water. This does a better job to pull out all the minerals from the herb, similar to the effect of an empty sponge. Distilled water after all means that the water is empty, stripped of any minerals.

She decided to go with the herb: Cascara Sagrada – which is amazing for cleaning out the body. She takes a sip after it has time to steep and to her surprise doesn’t mind the taste. Still she decides to add some coconut syrup to sweeten it up. “I’m used to adding sugar to tea,” she says, but this time has decided to go for something healthier.

She drinks another cup when she comes home from work and is able to keep this routine up until the end of the week. By the time she’s done she has now lost 12 pounds and went from a size 16 waist to a size 14. Her beginning weight was 180 and now she’s at 168. The best part is that it was mostly lost around her stomach area, just like she wanted. She’s thrilled that her pants are now loose after it’s been 5 years of wearing a size XL.

Before this, she swore her stomach was the hardest place for her to lose weight from. Now she’s telling her friends and neighbors about this crazy “Slim Tea Challenge.”

The biggest question Cathy has left for you is, “Why don’t you give the Slim Tea Challenge a try? You’ll have nothing to lose but a few pounds.”

This case-study article was authored by David Alsieux, founder of If you would like to learn what the other 3 herbs are, 2 of which being great at hunger suppression instead of detoxing, then just let me know where to send you this by clicking here: Wisdom Square’s Slim Tea Challenge.

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