Garden Advice for First Time Buyers


If you’ve just bought your first home, you’re no doubt excited about sprucing it up and making the place your own. However, some of the challenges facing first time buyers can include budget and time, so it can be helpful to think about some of the quicker fixes that can make a big difference.

Whether you’re working to a tight budget or not, there are a multitude of ways to enhance your garden. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, let Brett Landscaping offer some of their insights!

Jobs you can do yourself

There are a number of jobs around the garden that you can complete yourself, most of which can be simple and don’t have to take all day. If your garden already has a patio or paved area, you may find it needs a little bit of TLC. You can easily repoint existing paving by filling in cracked grouting or the space in between the joints. This is helpful in the short-term, if your patio is looking tired but you don’t quite have the budget yet to replace it.

Similarly, if any fence panels are looking a little weathered, repair or replace them to make sure your garden is looking as presentable as possible. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not paint your fencing to add some character and personality to your outdoor space?

During winter it can make a big difference to keep your garden free from debris including fallen leaves, branches and moss. Not only does it help to keep things looking neat, but it can also prevent any stains or slippery areas on the patio.

You might also wish to brighten up your outdoor space during the winter months, by adding seasonal colourful flowers as well as evergreen shrubs. Try your hand at making a bird box or adding a bird feeder to attract wildlife, or even make a sheltered area ready to protect any hedgehogs.

Space-saving solutions 

Any size of outdoor space is a great addition to a home, so make the most of it! There’s a lot you can do to spruce up your garden without taking up too much space, which is particularly great if your garden is only small.

Consider making use of vertical space by growing climbers up walls or fences, adding some much needed greenery and plant life without losing floor space. Similarly, utilise hanging baskets that can be attached to the back of the house or fencing posts,

If you’re hoping to add detail to your outdoor space, use the floor wisely! Patterned paving in the design of mosaic prints can add something special to your garden, with its eye-catching style that adds personality to any outdoor space.

Updating your paving

When the time does come to update your garden paving, it’s a great investment that can help to create more useable outdoor space. With something for every budget and property style, designing a new patio can be a very exciting addition to your new home.

One of the most versatile choices is concrete block paving, which is low cost without compromising on quality or style. It can deliver great value over time, with a wide choice of colours and finishes that can bring a long-lasting style to your garden. Concrete paving is a popular choice if you’re hoping to keep your projects low-cost.

Porcelain paving can offer an incredibly low maintenance option, that will withstand general weathering as well as delivering scratch and slip resistance for your outdoor space. Some porcelain paving styles can also be used for driveways and indoors, creating a beautiful finishing touch.

A third popular choice for outdoor spaces is natural stone paving. This high quality material gives a unique image, with no two pieces the same to elevate your pathways and seating areas.

However you choose to improve your garden, as a first time buyer you are in the perfect position to put your own stamp on your first property and find your own individual style.

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