Why Should You Use Raised Garden Beds: Tips, Tricks And Secrets


There is no doubt that raised garden beds do an absolutely fabulous job for your veggies. If you have a garden that has a poor soil or drainage issues, you will know what I mean. However, it is not only the plants that benefit from raised garden beds. Have you ever thought of the ways in which these garden accessories actually do a world of good to your body as well? Yes, that is true.

Using raised garden beds means there is no more bending over to pull out weeds and harvest vegetables. Your back will love it and so will you, and not to forget, the plants too. If you are not using these little masterpieces in your garden already, you should seriously give it a thought. Take a look at the following few points to do it right so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits.

Always avoid building raised garden beds on wooden decks. This is using a little bit of foresight so that you can prevent a lot of problems in the future. When the bed is ready with soil and water it may become very heavy. At that point of time your wooden deck may not be able to provide enough support and this may lead to damaging the structure.

If you plan to place your raised garden beds directly on the soil, make sure to line the planting bed at the very initial stages. You may use hardware cloth or chicken wire for the purpose. This small manipulation will save your vegetables from gophers and moles.

Be careful while choosing a location where you want to place the raised garden beds. An area that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight every day is the best.  This is one little detail to remember if you want to enjoy a basket of delicious vegetables.

While filling up the bed, make sure to use only good quality potting-soil or compost. Remove any rock that may have been mixed with the soil and rake the surface smooth.  Don’t forget to water the surface right after you are done with planting the seeds.

Depending upon the kinds of vegetables you plan to plant, you may have to follow a few other specifications. For instance, if you are planting carrots, you should always put fine-textured potting soil on the seeds.

The raised garden beds are available in a wide variety of materials such as wood, stone, brick, and more. If you do not want to build it from scratch, there are so many retailers selling these online. Take a look at Mega Garden Store for many such options. Happy gardening!

Written by Sophia Roberts for Mega Garden Store.

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