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One of the hardest things to do is to decide what to gift your pregnant friend. You want your gift to be practical so your friend can use it when the baby is born, unlike the other impractical gifts she will most likely receive. Your priority is to help ease your friend’s worries and help her be as comfortable as possible when she needs it the most. There are so many websites that sell “new mama gift box” but you are not sure which site should be trusted. Mentioned below are some gift ideas for mothers-to-be that will not only be practical for a mother but also help them relax and be as comfortable with the baby as possible. 

  1. Comfortable slippers – Some first-timer moms worry so much that they are constantly on the run. They do not sit still and are always on their feet. This is why for these types of women, one of the best gifts to give them is comfortable slippers. Get your friend comfortable and fashionable shoes, so when she is moving around, she does not tire her feet so much.
  2. Baby Carrier – New moms are possessive, protective, and want to keep their baby close to them. Baby Carrier helps new moms to move about freely, work in the kitchen, do all the household chores, work from home as well as go out with the baby. Gift her a nice and reliable carrier the new mom can use so she doesn’t get tired holding the baby and also keep the mother and child comfortable.
  3. Baby backpack – Another thoughtful gift is a backpack for the mother to keep all the essentials of a baby without worrying. Some bags come with a mat and removable stroller. With an easy-to-use backpack, the mother can carry all her things as well as the child.
  4. Temperature-Controlled Ceramic Mug – For busy women who cannot function without their tea or coffee, this is one of the best gifts for them. The temperature-controlled mug helps keep the drink hot/cold. While the new mom is busy doing all the baby-related chores, she would need a quiet place and a drink to keep herself calm and stress-free.
  5. Comfortable yet practical PJs – New moms will truly appreciate this gift. The PJs come with easy access to breastfeeding. The new moms would not have to worry about changing clothes or being uncomfortable. The PJs are not only practical but extremely comfortable as well so the new moms can relax and sleep peacefully.
  6. Footprint Kit & Handprint Kit – Foot and handprint kits make a great gift. They can be used to save some of the best memories like the baby’s first walk. Pictures can also be included in the kit, as well as small notes, birth dates, alphabets, names, etc. The best part is that they can be placed anywhere in the house or the office and it’d be a nice touch.
  7. Baby Teething Necklace – A teething necklace is a multi-purpose gift. It is a gift for the mom-to-be but it’d be used by the baby. When children are about to get their teeth, they make a fuss, cry a lot, mothers tend to stress a lot and do not know what to do. This gift will help the baby relax as this gift would help relieve the baby’s teething pain. It might not sound cool but it can be used for different purposes. Some of them are even designed in such a way that nobody could tell if they are teething necklaces or a piece of antique jewellery.

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gek kar
gek kar
3 years ago

Many of us have pregnant friends, sisters, or distant relatives. And the moment comes when you need to choose gifts for them for the birth of a baby, or for the birthday of the pregnant woman herself, or just a gift for no reason to please the expectant mother. But this question is not easy.

3 years ago

It is no secret that many minerals have medicinal properties. Therefore, some of them are recommended to be worn by pregnant women. In this case, it is worth paying attention not only to the stone itself, but also to its color. Shades of blue-green range have a calming effect, while yellow-red ones, on the contrary, give energy and strength. Therefore, during my sister’s pregnancy, I bought charming earrings and a ring for her at Juliet’s Lover . My sister was delighted with my gift!