Flower care tips and flower gifts for him and her


Everyone is happy with a beautiful bunch of flowers or a nice plant for your home. Nowadays it is a trend to bring as much greenery into your home as possible, plants in all different shapes and sizes. It is wonderful to have so much green around you. This makes indoor plants the perfect gift for now. Indoor plants have a longer lifespan than the flowers in a bouquet and are certainly no less beautiful. It is the perfect gift that will also advance a long time. 

Did you know that it is possible to order house plants online and have them delivered? Just like with a bouquet of flowers. Mailbox flowers or a letterbox gift are famous and popular gifts nowadays in the United Kingdom and Europe. With a houseplant or flowers you can be sure that you can delight the recipient for a long period of time!

Different kind of house plants

Bloggers’ homes are full of different types of houseplants from head to toe. In addition to the smaller houseplants, such as a hydrangea or lavender, you can also choose to give a large houseplant as a gift in a beautiful decorative pot. Large indoor plants are ideal for filling empty corners in a house. Would you rather opt for a smaller version? Then this one will also get a nice place on the coffee table. Indoor plants are a nice gift for a birthday or housewarming, for example. When someone leaves the parental home, they often don’t have a lot of stuff yet, your houseplant can then be perfectly used to brighten up a bare corner. A houseplant brings color and life to an empty space.

Care of a house plant

To ensure that the houseplant lasts as long as possible, it is important that the houseplant is properly cared for. Every plant has different wishes and therefore requires different care. When you order the houseplant online, it often comes with care tips or instructions. That care must therefore be completely fine. Are you giving the houseplant as a gift? Then it might help to point this out to the recipient.

The first flower care tip: cut the flowers diagonally

Cutting the flowers diagonally is super important for your flowers. Cut a small piece off the bottom of the stems. This doesn’t have to be much. +/- 2 cm. is enough. If you cut the flowers diagonally, the stem will receive sufficient water supply to the flower. Use sharp tools, preferably sharp scissors (tip: We have super handy scissors in our range). Also make sure you have scissors or a knife is clean. Then the bacteria have a minimal chance of infecting the flower, so that they do not droop.

The second flower care tip: remove the leaves that could be submerged

Clean water is vital for your flowers. Leaves in the water can cause it to become cloudy. That is why we advise to remove all leaves from flowers and greenery that could be submerged. The thorns of roses can remain on the stem.

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