Difference between a Restoration Professional and General Contractor


There are many kinds of professionals we can go for when we need some kind of work done. In case of anything housing related, such as construction or maintenance, there are two types of professionals we can approach. Those are restoration professional and general contractor.

As the name suggests, “restoration professional” specifically work on anything that needs restoration like fire and water damage restoration. The process of restoration has come a long way in the last century, and along with that the job has become more and more technical and complicated. This kind of work now requires expertise and people specializing in this kind of work are referred to as “restoration professional.”

Restoration does not always mean repairing. Sometimes they also do demolition work if a particular part of a house has to get rid of a specific area which has been severely damaged and cannot be restored.  Restoration professionals will take any kind of household articles that have been damaged and try to restore it.

A restoration profession has to deal with any damage that might have been caused by water, fire, mind or mold. Some of the projects might take a long time and some might not even be completely restored. The damage restoration is a service that is tied under Inspection Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification, and companies are legally required to be IICRC certified before taking on any projects.

The other type of employer one can approaches for any new construction, or something that has to be started with a clean slate is “general contractor.” They plan and advice on how to proceed with a new project, and specializes in building and work with different types of organizations to smoothly get your work done.

Some of the times, starting a new project might be a heavy cost to bear, and so remodeling is also a very sought out option. This service is also provided by general contractor. Remodeling might involve, adding a room to an existing house, or an area to your complex, remodeling your room or home and so on. 

One important thing to understand is that, the work done by a general contractor is not covered under insurance and since it is a project that is not essential and taken up by you for your own convenience, you will most likely have to pay for it upfront and get that service done for you.

There might be some situations which will make someone decide on which of the services to take up, based on the needs. The difference between them is the way these two sides work, and the work they take up and specialize in. There are certain situations that need a general contractor and some situation that require restoration professionals.

A list of jobs that each of them specialize in is given below.

Restoration professionals: They have to be contacted when there is some damage to your property. They also specialize in dealing with different types of disaster management. The types of work they can be contacted for are

  1. Mold treatment and restoration
  2. Fire damage restoration
  3. Water damage restoration
  4. Building restoration

General contractors: They can be called for any kind of project that involves construction, or some remodeling. They work in different types of works in your house and mostly deal with making your house more to your taste. Some of the work they can do are

  1. Building a new project
  2. Remodel a room
  3. Adding a new area or room to your already existing house
  4. Specific sub-contractors can also do work like plumbing, carpenter or electric work.

Finally, restoration professionals specialize in restoring your house back to a previous state it was at. Whereas, a general contractor will make amends to your house which are brand new projects.

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