Five Unique Recipes You Should Add to Your Menu


Do you want to build a name in the food industry? You probably already know that the first thing restaurant owners need to consider is their menu, aside from the restaurant’s supply and the location. The food industry is like a traffic jam during rush hours and a shopping mall during a mall-wide sale – it is very crowded. Because there are a lot of fast food chains, restaurants, and other businesses that are continuously sprouting in the food industry, it is important that the menu will promise something unique that customers will keep coming back for more.

In establishing a name, unique recipes are the key to be different than other restaurants, thus, inviting more customers to have a taste of your business. Get ready to add more ingredients to your walk-in cooler, because here are five unique dishes that you should add to your menu.

Grilled Cordon Bleu Sandwich

Yes, Cordon Bleu may be a familiar recipe, but everyone just really loves it. Chicken, ham, and cheese combined to create something really delicious. With the new twist, making a Cordon Bleu sandwich can be the next customer’s favorite breakfast or favorite to-go order. Who would say no to layers of cheese, ham, and grilled chicken that are sandwiched between toasted bread?

Unlike the usual Cordon Bleu that needs to be rolled, the chicken and ham need to be cooked separately and layered on top of bread. Always remember; allow the cheese to melt – this is very crucial to satisfy those taste buds.

Chicken with Walnut Pesto and Pomegranate

And yet, here is another chicken recipe, but with another twist – a Middle Eastern twist! People will already think of kebabs and shawarmas when they hear the phrase “Middle Eastern Dishes”. Since there are already a lot of kebab and shawarma-offering restaurants and food chains, you can try another Middle Eastern dish that can give unique flavors – the Persian dish Faisinjan.

Since Faisinjan is a complicated dish that includes pheasant or duck and a lot of herbs and spices in the ingredients, what you can add to your menu is the Chicken with Walnut Pesto and Pomegranate. Although there are simpler and lesser ingredients, this still promises the same flavor with the Faisinjan.

Pork in Milk

Enough with the chicken, now let us talk about pork. The Pork in Milk dish is a rich dish that is balanced with citrus flavors. Normally, slow cooking pork and chicken in milk is a common traditional Italian way of cooking, but this dish is not more than just slow cooked – this dish is also baked!

The pork that is soaked in milk with a hint of lemon will deliver a satisfying twist to the taste buds, which the customers might find really tasty and rich that they will keep ordering for more. The secret to this recipe is, aside from this uses fewer ingredients, that the lemony and milky taste will give the pork a different twist.

Tartiflette with Sweet Potatoes

Brace yourself; this is not a light meal. Instead, this is a heavy dish that is absolutely a star of the main course. Travelling around the world, tartiflette is the usual potatoes and cheese dish in Savoy of the Western Alps. Now, we are in Europe! The uniqueness of this dish is that this will include a mix of regular potatoes and, voila, sweet potatoes, thus, creating a bombardment of salty and sweet tastes.

This is a famous dish in the Alps, because this is the perfect dish during the cold weather, especially when served hot. You can add this to your menu and recommend that this can best go with a salad and a bottle of wine.

Lump Crab Salad Sweet Potato Chip Bites

Now, this is something really unique! This Lump Crab Salad Sweet Potato Chip Bites can be the next favorite snack, side dish, or take away. If you love seafood, then this can also be your next favorite dish, too. Just remember that this should always be served hot to avoid sogginess of chips. Also, sweet potatoes are included as the stars of this dish because these do the snack-like trick.

And the list goes on. Don’t be afraid to add some unique tastes to your menu because this is the key to “branding” and a key to be known in the food industry. Always test your culinary skills and experiment on some new dishes.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the fresh ideas. The Chicken with Walnut Pesto and Pomegranate sounds amazing. I always end up making the same dishes over and over unless I go hunting for new dinner recipes

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