How Online Gambling Companies Attract Female Gamblers


Gambling of any kind has historically been viewed as a male hobby. This is because gambling is an adrenaline-packed activity that taps into masculine traits like risk-taking and the craving for adventure. Women tend to be more averse to risk and prefer more mild and predictable games. A quick survey of most casino halls will confirm this statistic as the gender balance is unequivocally biased towards male patrons. Sites like Easy Slots,, are doing great things to help with the gender boundaries that are being blurred in the gambling industry.

The advent of modern computer-based gambling platforms that involve online and mobile gaming applications has however presented an opportunity to tilt the balance and attract more female gamblers. Online gambling companies and casinos have taken up this challenge in a bid to increase their revenue. Through carefully tailored advertising campaigns and branding, these companies are steadily encouraging female participation in their online games. But why are gambling companies putting more emphasis on online gaming to attract women as opposed to land-based casinos?

There are 3 main reasons why:

  1. Land-based casinos may be too intimidating for female gamblers.

Casino halls are often hectic, crowded and in most cases, rowdy places and women may find such an environment too unfriendly. Gambling online presents a chance for them to participate in games they love at the comfort of their homes without having to deal with the frantic casino atmosphere.

  1. Online games offer anonymity. Land-based casinos are unforgiving to sensitive people.

All your failure and inexperience is laid out in public for all to see. In online casinos, however, there is minimal interaction between players and a sense of privacy is restored. Even gamblers with little gaming experience can do as they wish without fear of judgment and ridicule.

In the modern world, gender-specific stereotypes are rapidly fading into obscurity. Gambling among women is nowadays embraced and even encouraged. Online gaming has particularly become immensely popular with women, with games such as bingo, poker and online slots being the most preferred. In fact, studies show that more women play online slots than men. Gaming establishments have taken note and are scrambling to get a share of this revenue stream. They do this by;

  1. Involving female celebrities in their advertising campaigns. It has become increasingly common to spot popular female figures on online gaming advertisements nowadays. This is done deliberately to entice female customers who will be more comfortable to sign up for such games if a renown person of the same gender endorses it.
  2. Creating more feminine themes for games. Gambling companies package their online games with bright, feminine colors and themes like pink and yellow to make them more appealing to female customers. Games like online slots which are known to have a large female following have also been programmed with more delicate visual details. While most slot games contained images of guns and swords, modern ones may contain images flowers and other ladylike objects which women find more alluring.
  3. Integrating social networking into the games. Women love social networking and online gambling sites have found ways of integrating their games into popular networks like Facebook and Instagram. And results show that this approach is effective in tapping into the female market.
  4. Providing easy-to-follow guides and tips during game-play. Many casino games are avoided by women simply because they find the rules and instructions to be too complex to follow making them quickly lose interest. Online casino games, on the other hand, provide tips and even video tutorials for novice gamers to make the learning process faster and more fun.

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