Five Cool Kitchen Ideas



Hidden Plate Rack

Storage of plates is always a problem and kitchen designs rarely come up with really inventive solutions. Plates are round but cupboard space is square, so we are quite literally faced with a round peg and square hole problem. While by no means a perfect solution, a dish rack mounted inside a cabinet above the kitchen sink offers a quick solution. A tray is mounted underneath the plate rack so excess water is collected and can be easily emptied. Old country kitchen dressers have plate racks on the outside, but since flat and studio kitchens are smaller this is a useful time and space saving device for city dwellers

Fresh Herbs

Herbs like to grow outside in the summer but can perish in the winter. Why resort to dried herbs when many will continue to thrive indoors. A window sill with light is quite adequate for many herbs. You can grown basil from seeds and it likes a south facing window with warmth. The same applies to oregano which can be grown from a cutting. Sage can also be grown from a tip cutting and likes the dry warm air of an interior. 

Rubbish Bins

Often a source of smells and soiled floors, kitchen bins are a problem. One of the best solutions is a small bin that is attached to a cabinet door with a lid that opens automatically as the door is opened. The lid is usually attached to a pulley system and is a fairly simple devise to make. A small bin means it will be emptied more frequently avoiding the build up of odors. Having a lid that opens automatically keeps a hand free to ensure disposing of food is not a messy affair and doesn’t end up on the floor and elsewhere. 

Economic Kettles

Electric kettles are large consumers of electricity so whether you are a caffeine addict and love a frequent cuppa, investing in an energy efficient kettle will help save those pennies and the environment. Prices can range from £25 for a basic kettle to £350 for ones that have water filters. For those quite happy with their present setup, simply filling your kettle with enough water to cover the electrical element will help save electricity. This can save up to 50% of the electricity normally used. A good energy saving kettle should still boil water in minute and a half for one cup.


For those who hate cleaning floors and love technology, the iRobot Scoober is a dream come true. A heavy price tag at around £300 but a fun item that entertains while relieving you of the chore. Yes, you have to clean the iRobot after each use and they don’t climb stairs (yet). Parts can be expensive and the batteries don’t last for ever, but they do the job adequately and are a good conversation piece at your next dinner party. Pets may react with either fear or curiosity but will probably get used to it.

Mike Smith is a keen home blogger and has years experience in designing kitchens in London, his hometown.  Mike now blogs often for various blogs and sites online.

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