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The friends and family members of dollhouse enthusiasts know that they are one of a kind. They stay up late until all hours of the night, painstakingly putting the finishing details on their miniature homes. They are obsessed with finding the right furniture for each little room, so that they can recreate a Victorian sitting room or a 1960s kitchen. They are absolutely in love with everything miniature, tiny, small, bite-sized and cute and when they find a new decoration they are so excited that they just can’t wait to show you.

If one of your loved ones is a dollhouse collector, you might be wondering what you can treat them to for Christmas this year. You want to give them something that they will really love and enjoy, so why not give them a Christmas treat that fits with their hobby? There are many websites where you can order dollhouse miniatures online and have them shipped to you, so that you can do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home.

But what exactly should you be looking for? There are so many different types of dollhouse furniture and accessories to choose from! Basically, anything that exists in full size can likely be found on a tiny dollhouse scale, so how do you know what to buy? Remember, your friend might have a specific theme or time period in his or her doll house (such as Victorian Era or 1940s), so make sure you find out first so that you can choose something that fits.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Something to Represent the Season

Since this is a Christmas present, why not treat your friend to something special for their dollhouse that represents the holidays? You could get them a small Christmas tree, complete with ornaments and a star on top. Or, perhaps some items for a table setting so that they can set up a Christmas meal in their dollhouse.

Another fun idea could be some Christmas lights that they could string up inside or outside of their dollhouse. Think about whether they will be battery powered or electrical and how they will be installed.

Something to Represent Their Interests

What sort of hobbies does your friend have? (Besides dollhouses, of course) Perhaps they love to go skiing? If so, you can buy them a miniature pair of skis that they can place on display in their dollhouse. You could find a miniature bike for a cyclist, some potted plants for a gardener or an easel and paint jars for an artist.

Something to Represent an Important Milestone in Their Life

Perhaps your dollhouse enthusiast friend has just had a baby? You could get them a tiny bassinet or cot, complete with rattle, soft baby blanket and other cute accessories. Maybe they have a dog that they love very much? Why not find a tiny version of the breed to live in their dollhouse? If they have recently been married, you could find a small wedding dress to hang in the closet or even frame a tiny print-out of their wedding photo.

Other Gift Ideas

Still looking for gift ideas for your dollhouse enthusiast friend? Why not take them on a trip to the nearest museum where they can see an impressive or beautiful doll house. For example, the Rotunda Doll’s House Museum in Oxford is a favorite of many dollhouse lovers, as well as the Dolls House and Toy Museum in Ty Twt, Newport, Pembrokeshire. If you live near London, the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood has an impressive collection of doll’s houses and miniatures that you could take your friend or family member to see.

You could also give your friend the gift of a beautiful and functional storage case, where they can put all of their crafting tools and accessories when they are not working on their dollhouse.

Such thoughtful gifts as these will be much appreciated by your passionate dollhouse collector friend or family member.

Gem Wilson is a freelance writer and she has loved dollhouses ever since she was little. She is building a replica of a 1930s farmhouse and hopes to receive some great accessories and furniture for Christmas this year.

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