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NBA quizzes are for anyone, whether you play basketball or love to watch from the sidelines. Did you know that Magiquiz quizzes are also great ways to uncover your own unique personality traits? It’s true that when taking this quiz you will answer questions about your favorite player but prepare for some thought-provoking questions as well, that just might lead you to reevaluating your life. Interested? Let’s jump right in and find out.

Know Your Game

To really enjoy this nba quiz, learn what basketball is about and what positions there are. This will help you not only figure out your favorite team, but also get a deeper understanding of who you are in your life, and perhaps how you would want to change that. Here is a brief description of each position:

  1. Point guard – probably the most specialized position, the point guard’s job is to run the team offense. Their main job is facilitating their team to score points. Ask yourself, am I a facilitator for others success, do I manage and delegate so everyone can win? You may be a point guard on the floor and in life.
  2. Power forward – You can find a power forward or the four, with his back to the basket, standing defensively. The four also engages in man-to-man defense. Are you defensive by nature? Four’s are also skilled at rebounding, do you rebound well?
  3. Center- Normally the tallest and strongest player on the team, they play it close to the basket, which leads to their ability to protect and score from far away. This dual role may mean you play it close to the chest but can still wow with big moves.
  4. Shooting guard – this position is all about scoring points for the team and steal the ball on defense. These are as good at free-throw as they are at assists. Are you well-rounded? A good team player, there to help and score wins for your team?
  5. Small forward – The most versatile of all the positions. They can score, defend, and rebound. It takes a special kind of person, who can jump into any role and be successful. But, before starting your quiz you must need to dig deeper into different topics of Basketballs including products, how-to resources, etc. I am suggesting the website for this purpose. 

Who Is Your Hero?

A lot can be said for who we look up too. Are you impressed by a player on the court for his skill or off the court for his/her philanthropy and business sense? Maybe a combo of both. In this NBA quiz, pick who your favorite player is and find out what you really value and admire. Options include Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Shaq, and other famous stars who are winners on and off the court.

Why would you get in trouble?

We all try to follow the rules, but if you were to get called out, why would that be? This question is so great as you can learn just as much about yourself through mistakes as you can through wins. Know these basketball terms so you can answer this question and get a new insight into who you are:

  • Traveling -probably the most famous violation, traveling means you took more than 2 steps while holding the ball
  • Double dribbling – catching or making the ball come to rest in one or both hands and then dribbles again
  • Technical Foul – any foul that isn’t physical. Usually for unsportsmanlike behavior. They can also be as serious as extreme violence.
  • Charging – just like it sounds, this refers to charging at a non-moving player who is on defense, or the defense was hit in the torso

More amazing questions in this quiz ask you why you like to watch basketball, who your coach would be, and what animal represents the spirit of basketball. NBA quizzes are such a fun way to talk about your favorite sport, learn more about famous athletes and coaches, and get a fascinating look into your own personality.


An NBA quiz is not only for fans of B-ball. It can also serve as an amazing way to learn more about yourself, the sport, and great basketball movies too. Know what makes you tick? How about what kind of player you are on and off the court? With these interesting questions, you may discover more than bargained for. Find out with these fun quizzes!

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