Does Your Blog Have A Will


I have thought about this often. What would happen to my blogging business or even my personal blog when I die? Kind of a morbid thought. But seriously, what would happen to it. Maybe it’s not that important to some people, a blogging will. I mean, not everyone is interested in our blogs.  But, what if our blogs create regular revenue? Where is that revenue going when I’m gone? No matter how small the revenue, money is money and I want someone to have it. This has started me on my blogging will crusade.


First, I needed to determine who would want it. I’ve asked around, my kids are all interested, yet none of them blog. They said, “it’s more of the legacy they are interested in”. They each said, “when the time arrives, they would each take the necessary steps to ensure my blogs continue’.

So, what do you put in a blogging will?

I’ve started the process, and I’m sure it will be ongoing as my blog grows; and as think of new things to add.

First, I’ve writing up a schedule, so to speak. This schedule consist of what I do daily on my blog and why.  I’ve made the list as detailed as possible. My hopes are that when my children take over my blog, they will have a through understand of what the blog is about, and how it functions.

It’s also important, if you are a PR friendly blog, to include a list of previous and current advertiser in your will for your family. Along with all the pertinent information such as, who’s ad is who’s, is it and ongoing or monthly ad, how do they pay and so forth.


The second thing your blog will should contain is login information. Most bloggers have dozens of personal and third party accounts. You’ll need to make a list of all your accounts as well as usernames and passwords.


And the third thing you should leave in your blogging will is a little advice. Do you remember when you first started your blog, and how hard it was to learn the ropes? Can you imagine jumping into a “published” blog and trying to figure out what you are suppose to do? Leave as much advice as you can, and update your blog will often.


These are just a few things I can think of when it comes to setting up my blog will. Can you think of something else to add? Let’s talk about it.

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