Six Reasons Why Your Job Application May Be Unsuccessful Due To Background Screening


A pre-employment background screening can be the reason why you missed out on a job opportunity for several reasons. Here are the six most regular explanations on why your background check tainted your job chances.

  1. A Far-Reaching Criminal History

One of the main things that an employer will look at on an applicant’s background check is their criminal history. The mere existence of a criminal conviction on your record may not essentially mean you’ll be immediately disqualified. Most businesses won’t view misdemeanours or older sentences as a deal-breaker, and individuals who are not repeat wrongdoers are often given the benefit of the doubt mainly if evidence exists that they are trying to change their lives after a criminal transgression. Different positions include different standards about what is classified as an acceptable criminal history.

  1. Lying On Your Resume

Background checks are an excellent way of revealing a jobseeker’s criminal history, but they are even better for exposing dishonesty on job applications or resumes. Maybe you have lied about a college degree or the hire date of a previous position. Between education and employment verification checks and background checks, the chances are good that the truth will come out. Read more about bpss clearance as part of the background check process.

  1. Your Credit History Doesn’t Look Good

Many employers may not even look into your credit history unless you are applying for a position that involves handling finances or money. A prospective employer needs to know how you were able to manage your finances in the past. If you have a history of money issues and accumulating substantial amounts of debt, you may be viewed as not responsible for the job at hand.

  1. Your Driving Record Revealed Problems

Driving records aren’t necessarily an issue that all employers are interested in. Nevertheless, if you are applying for a driver job where you’ll be driving company vehicles, then you may be subjected to a driving history check as part of the candidate screening process.

  1. A Former Employer Gave A Bad Review

Due to defamation claims and other similar problems, some employers aren’t willing to speak about former employees beyond confirming hiring dates, job titles, and salary details. However, if you left your former company on bad terms, this may come up during the pre-employment screening process.

  1. Your Background Check Revealed Incorrect Details

Sometimes you can do everything perfectly and still be disqualified for a job as a result of your background check. Not all background checks are one hundred percent accurate. For example, a criminal offense may have been filed on your record from a criminal who shares your name. Or you may have fallen victim to identity theft, and now your credit is in a bad state. It may be good to do a test background check before applying for a position just to be sure and have the courts fix any errors. Remember, if you were disqualified due to a background check, you have the right to ask why. An employer must give you a written explanation as to why you were turned down, and you may ask for a free copy of the background check report.

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