How to Handle Problems at a Vacation Rental


With the creation of websites such as Airbnb, vacation rentals are quickly becoming the most popular accommodation for travelers. They offer the privacy and space of a long-term apartment or home without the high prices or minimum rental periods. While hotels and other accommodation types may offer similar advantages, vacation rentals seem to deliver on a more frequent basis. Travelers love the atmosphere that comes with having these rentals. It’s a way to feel at home while on vacation. While vacation is meant to be about relaxation and comfort, there are some things that can go wrong. Here are a few tips for dealing with problems that may arise while staying in a vacation rental.

Plumbing Problem

Plumbing problems are among the more common issues that travelers experience when in a vacation rental. Unlike hotels or hostels, these problems need to be solved immediately by the renters. Whether dealing with a clogged toilet, leaking pipe or overflowing sink, the first step when faced with a plumbing problem is to cut the water source. Renters should have been shown this source during the tour of the property. Once the water source has been switched off, renters can then asses the situation. If the problem cannot be solved without professional help, renters should notify the owner of the home about the issue. They may have some key information or tips that can help solve the plumbing problem. If this problem cannot easily be solved, a plumber should be called immediately

Other Problems

While plumbing issues are a common problem that travelers face in vacation rentals, there are other troubles that may occur. Each of these should be confronted with the same response. The source of the problem should be eliminated as fast as possible. If the problem cannot be solved, then renters must notify the owners of the issue. The owners may then decide to call a professional. Renters should follow the owner’s instructions properly. During this process, it is also important for renters to understand how they are legally and financially affected, if you the renter are responsible for payment you may need to consider a bad credit personal loan to free up some money to cover your share. This information should be outlined in the rental agreement that was signed between both parties. These details may also determine some other actions that should be taken by renters.

Read the Agreement Carefully

All credible websites, agencies or rental owners will have travelers sign an agreement before the payment is processed. These typically outline what is expected of both parties during the rental period, the amount that should be paid, if the property has insurance and what it covers, and all other details of the deal.

As a common formality involved in all rental deals, most travelers will sign these agreements without hesitation. While this nonchalant attitude won’t cause problems for the majority of travelers, the potential shouldn’t be dismissed. Important information in these contracts outlines which party is responsible for issues that may arise in the vacation rental. Travelers who carefully read the rental agreement will be better equipped to handle these tough situations. Furthermore, reading these details can save renters from agreeing to contracts that could hurt their financial standing. No vacation rental is worthwhile if the agreement isn’t fair.

Problems are no more likely to arise at vacation rentals than they are at hotels or other types of accommodation. The only difference is that renters may bear more legal or financial responsibility at these types of properties. Reading the rental contract carefully can help ensure that these problems don’t ruin your vacation. Consider multiple providers before deciding on a rental property. Travelers should also never be afraid to turn down a contract that is not fair.

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