Few amazing health benefits of Himalayan salt to know


Pink Himalayan salt is actually a rock salt that is from the Punjab region, closer to the Himalayas foothills. Some people say that this salt is one of the 100% purest salts available and also it is useful for boosting certain health benefits. Now a question arises that does it earn the position among the list of the healthier salts. This post will provide you a deeper knowledge of this exotic salt.

About Himalayan Salt-

Pink salt or pink Himalayan salt or Himalayan salt is somewhat chemically the same salt as of the table salt. It is having sodium chloride of 98%. The remaining of the salt is having trace minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. This thus provides the salt a light pink tint. Also, these minerals are responsible for having a different taste from the ordinary table salt.

How this salt is used?

People make use of this Himalayan salt and ordinary table salt in the same manner. It is used while cooking food, for preserving the food and for seasoning the meals. The block of pink salt sometimes becomes useful at the time of serving dishes, cutting boards, and cooking surfaces. Some make use of pink Himalayan salt instead of bath salts. Also, it is possible to purchase the candleholders and lamps that are made using pink salt.

Why the body needs salt?

We know that sodium is an important trace mineral found in our salt. The body requires this variety for different functions and it supports certain things like contracting and relaxing the body muscles.  Also, it is used for maintaining the proper liquid balance and also preventing dehydration. When one consumes this salt, low blood pressure can be easily avoided.

According to recent studies, it was concluded that consuming the salt will be useful in reducing the danger of infection and will also kill the dangerous bacteria. The study done has allowed the researchers to conclude that salt can have good effects on the depression’s symptoms.

Benefits associated with Himalayan salt

Several claims are there about the health benefits associated with the using of Himalayan salt and it includes below-listed benefits-

Rich mineral content-

Some sources are saying that Himalayan salt is containing 84 different trace minerals. As Himalayan salt is containing about 98% of sodium chloride, it means that about 2% of remaining is containing these 84 different trace minerals. Given the appropriate proportions in which the people usually intakes the salt, they likely are providing measurable health advantages.

More natural salt-

Some people claims that pink salt is a 100% natural salt as compared to the daily purposes salt that we uses. This claim seems to have greater merit. The table salts us heavily refined and is mixed with the anti-caking agent for avoiding clumping, like magnesium carbonate and sodium aluminosilicate. Also Himalayan salt or pink Himalayan salt is less artificial and it doesn’t contain any additives.

Low sodium-

Some of them believe that Himalayan salt is having low sodium as compared to the ordinary table salt. Both types are consisting of 98% of sodium chloride approximately. As pink salt or Himalayan pink salt is having larger crystal than the table salt, it is strictly containing sodium. Also, it is having a saltier flavor as compared to the normal salt that we use. It means that one can use less salt in the food for getting the same experience. Himalayan salt is available in small-sized granules that resemble a regular salt. One can consider this at the time of measuring the intake of sodium and while seasoning the food. AHA advises that about 75% of the intake of sodium comes from the salt that is present in the prepared or processed food. Table salt doesn’t add the sodium in bulk to the meal.

It is the aid to hydration-

Some believe that adding salt to the food can be useful to the body in achieving the desirable fluid balance and it also prevents dehydration. However, sodium is very much essential for maintaining the proper fluid balance.

Improves digestion-

The digestion process starts in our mouth and Himalayan salt or pink Himalayan salt is useful at activating the salivary glands that release the amylase. Afterward, in our stomach, it encourages the hydrochloric acid and enzymes for digesting the protein and food break downing easily.

Regulates blood sugar and helps in hormonal balances-

Himalayan salt’s daily dosage ensures the suitable flow of liquid in our body. However, a good balance of minerals and hormones will help enhance insulin sensitivity as well as preventing the unexpected blood sugar spikes.

Bath soak-

Soaking the body into Himalayan salt will help in rejuvenating the skin. Through the dermal absorption process, the skin soaks the mineral that is providing different pros. For example, zinc helps in preventing scaring, chromium helps in fighting acne and sulfur helps in keeping skin smoother. The magnesium that absorbed through this salt will help in soothing both soft tissues as well as contraction muscles. Add the salt into a little bit of warm water to feel completely energized and refreshing.

Are the claims made by others is true?

Despite Himalayan salt containing in a small proportion of the additional minerals, still, there are many that are claiming it to have the number of amazing benefits on the health. Something that will shock all is that these claims don’t have research conducted for supporting the. Some of the commonly promoted Himalayan salt health claims is that this salt helps improving the respiratory diseases. Also, it balances the PH of the body, it is helpful in improving the sleep quality, it reduces the aging sign, it regulates the blood sugar and also it increases the libido.


Definitely Himalayan salt will be the best and healthier choice for you. It in the market is available in different grain size and you can choose the one based upon the cooking needs. Extra fine grain is right for cooking purpose and medium sized are the right size for seasoning purpose. So considering buying and consuming it can be a good option for letting body gets all desiring benefits.

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