Life’s Not Fair! How To Cope With The Toughest Situations


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Sometimes life isn’t always sunshine and fluffy kittens it can be hard, uncaring and make you feel like you’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson in only a few days. When everything’s going smoothly, we tend to take it for granted, while complaining about little things and making mountains out of tiny molehills. However, it’s only when things suddenly get serious that we realize just how good it was before and it can often be quite overwhelming and statistics show that these are the most stressful situations we’ll encounter in our lives.

Losing Your Job

This is a hard thing to imagine for anyone but it does happen and on a pretty regular basis. Whether a company has outsourced the role elsewhere, is no longer making enough profit and so redundancies need to happen, or you’ve been let go because of poor performance job losses frequently occur but it’s what you do then that counts. It may be that you’re the sole earner in your household and with bills to pay, mounting pressure and not to mention the need for self preservation you’re going to require another position straight away. Before you jump straight back in give yourself a minute to breathe, as you’ll need to reboot your self-confidence, think about what next steps to take and even re-familiarize yourself with your CV. The job market is tough that’s for sure so you’re going to need a pretty thick skin, lots of self-belief and polished, professional answers to those important interview questions but most of all you will need to remain positive.

Moving House

Moving is ranked as one of the most stressful situations to deal with in life, but why is putting a few bits and bobs in boxes so difficult? Some of us embrace the change while others find it frightening, unfamiliar and unnecessary. However you feel moving will mean a massive upheaval, from physically demanding tasks such as packing, organizing movers to transport your goods as well as the journey to the new area itself. Not to mention registering children at new schools, signing up to a different doctor and even figuring out a different morning commute. Moving definitely makes things a little more chaotic but do try embrace the fresh start in your lives, keep everything super organized and arrange to take a few days off work before your moving date comes.

Getting Divorced

Admitting that a once happy marriage is failing is emotionally, physically and potentially financially devastating for any couple. Sadly, some people don’t realize until many years later that they aren’t happy which often means that kids are involved. It can then be hard to explain to young children why you, or ex your partner are no longer living in the family home. Children, no matter what their age, need to be reassured that both parents love them very much, the divorce isn’t their fault and yes, things are going to change but you promise that you’ll still spend lots of time together. Divorce is hard on parents and children alike so it’s at times like these that you’ll need to have a support network of friends, family and even close co-workers.

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