Feeling Confident as A Mom: 3 Fashion Top Tips


When you have kids, you may no longer have the time available to invest in yourself. You focus on raising your family and the day-to-day chores that running a home requires. While this is necessary for a happy home, you will typically pay little attention to yourself and your self-confidence can dip as you lose sight of who you were pre-kids. If this resonates with you, read on to see how you can boost your confidence and get your mojo back.

Why you should take pride in your appearance

It sounds terribly shallow to say that you should take pride in your appearance to boost your confidence, but this has very little to do with how others perceive you. Rather, it is about making yourself feel good by looking good. When you are busy looking after your family, it can be easy to neglect yourself, and put your needs below the needs of others.

Here are 3 fashion tips to help restore your confidence:

#1 Sort your closet

Your closet is likely a museum of memories. People hold onto cherished clothes as a reminder of the past, and while the sentiment is lovely, the reality is that you have a closet of ill-fitting clothes that you are unlikely to ever wear again. Try your clothes on and donate any ill-fitting or unworn clothes to charity. Your body will have changed shape after pregnancy, so don’t try and fit in clothes that no longer fit. For example, a pair of plus size jeans will enhance your curves rather than restrict them.

Your closet is now populated with clothes that fit and flatter you, and you have an idea of the items that you need to buy to complete your outfit options. Invest in key pieces that you can wear and know that you look great in.

#2 Buy for your body shape

You will have heard this 100s of times before, but it really is important: you must buy clothes that flatter your body shape. If you are unsure about which clothes suit you, have a look online at celebrities that have a similar shape to you. You won’t have the same budget as them, but they have access to personal shoppers and stylists, and they are expert at making the body look beautiful. Things to look out for include:

  • Hemlines
  • Neck shapes
  • Style of pants
  • Heel height
  • Purse size

#3 Buy items that YOU love

People often go clothes shopping with friends; however, this can stop you from developing your own personal style. Be confident in your choices, and don’t be influenced by anyone. Confidence can only come from within, so trust your judgment, and believe in yourself.

Schedule time for specifically for sorting out your clothes and going shopping. Having some time out of the family environment will be good for you; plus, you’ll be able to shop without distraction. If you are struggling to find clothes that flatter you and you love, do not panic buy, or you’ll just end up with a closet full of clothes that don’t make you feel fantastic, and that is precisely what fashion should do. Good luck!

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