So You’re a Mom, Doesn’t Mean You Still Can’t Rock These…


You hear it all the time: “You’re a mom now, so you really shouldn’t…” do a bunch a stuff that you used to do before you had a child. Does being a mom really mean that you can’t do certain things?

Absolutely not.

It doesn’t matter if you just had a baby yesterday or your baby is going to college next year, you have the ability and the right to rock whatever you want, whenever you want. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t stay on top of trends, stay fashionable, and put on your sweatpants. In fact, these are 6:

Statement Necklaces

They line the walls of those stores in the mall that you haven’t shopped at since you were 16, but does that mean you can’t rock one? Nope! Statement necklaces are a great way to spice up your everyday wardrobe and go out and have a little bit of fun! Wear it as a way to cover up a little bit more if you aren’t comfortable with low-cut shirts, or just use them when you don’t have anything fancy enough to wear to an event.

What you shouldn’t do? Don’t overdo it with a statement necklace, a statement ring, a statement pair of earrings, and a statement bracelet. That has nothing to do with age and everything to do with the fact that it would be really overwhelming!

High Shafted Boots


Boots are definitely a part of every woman’s wardrobe, but they sometimes get pushed to the back when the kids are around – and no one really seems to know why! High shafted boots are great because they can make you look put together without making you uncomfortable like heels might. The higher shaft is sleek and looks chic while actually covering up the fraying ends of your pants or the tear in your leggings. Match them with skinny jeans, dresses, or even shorts for a look that is still youthful, but appropriate.

Just make sure that you take good care of your boots and buy some that are high quality – running around shouldn’t be a problem in a good pair of boots.

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick has always been a symbol of strength and femininity, so why are so many women shying away from it? Put some red lipstick on when you have a date night, when you are going to do some grocery shopping, or even when you are just mopping up the kitchen floor. Red lipstick is a great way to highlight your lips – if only to take away from the bags under your eyes! Line your lips so that the colors don’t bleed, and make sure to check for when you need more. Nothing looks chicer than a striking red lip with and LBD – but you can even add some flair to your traditional jeans and a t-shirt.

Just make sure to get a red that has blue undertones so that your teeth look pearly white – orange tones can make them look yellow! Also make sure to check your teeth for any residue!

Moto Jackets


A moto jacket might be a little edgy for the other moms on the block, but for one who likes to be a little cooler, there is nothing better. Pair your moto jacket with just about anything in your closet – from jeans to a chunky sweater – so that you can stay warm and still be able to move around and feel comfortable. Aim for something in basic black, brown, or grey so that you can get a lot of use out of this. Many moms keep a moto jacket around for nights when it is going to get a little cold, but they don’t want to wear a sweater.

Just make sure that you get a good quality moto jacket – there DOES come a time when poor quality clothes go out of style.

Skinny Jeans

They are comfortable, they usually have some good stretch to them, they look good, and they don’t get wet on the bottom when you run through the grass. Skinny jeans have so many benefits for moms that it is crazy that so many think they can’t rock them. You might have to go for a more classic looking pair than you used to, and try to stay away from too many embellishments, but skinny jeans are still one of the best looks for so many people. Throw on a chunky sweater, a cardigan, or even your moto jacket, and you will look good.

To get the most out of your skinny jeans, make sure that they are tailored properly at the bottom and don’t make you look shorter!


High heels are torture devices for moms, right? Well, in some cases that might be true. However, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are too old or too mature for a pair of heels that you truly love. High heels are a staple of femininity for many women, and leaving them behind simply because you had a child seems foolish. Pop heels on with just about anything so that you can feel like you have yourself together – or just so that the other moms get insanely jealous of your legs and bum!

If you do have to run after your children, you could consider losing the platform or thickening the heel a little for stability, but you keep on rocking them for as long as you want!

Being a mom doesn’t mean that you have to lose your sense of style. Instead, it might mean that the way you wear certain styles has to change.

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