Fashion Choices: 3 Occasions Where Wearing a Tunic Is Suitable


For centuries, people have slipped into the comfort of a simple tunic. These long garments extend from the shoulder to the lower hip or under the knee. In a wide range of colors and designs, the tunic has been a popular style for generations, and with good reason.

First, the History of the Tunic

Tunics are garments people have worn since the ancient days of Romans, Greeks, Celts, Indians, and Germanics. Medieval tunics were worn by both men and women and often bore distinctive embroidery. The modern tunic tops for women can be donned loosely or with a belt.

Wear it to Work

Take professional apparel to a new level by wearing a tunic top with tailored pants. Black, navy, and dark grey trousers are a perfect accompaniment to tunics in a rainbow of colors and designs. Put on a pale pink or ivory tunic top with ruffles for an office-ready look without the blazer, cardigan, or fuss.

A tunic also pairs well with a pencil skirt or a maxi skirt. Try a slim tunic with a keyhole neckline with a slim skirt for a sleek yet professional appearance. Another option is a peasant-style tunic with a full maxi skirt for comfort and office style.

Mix up your work wardrobe by adding tunics in quality materials. Choose neutral colors that go from the boardroom to happy hour with a change of accessories and eyeliner. Try tunics made from flowing materials that are easy to pack for business trips.

Kicking Back in a Tunic

Few women can resist kicking back in a tunic during the relaxing moments of her life. Whether you’re sharing a bottle of wine with a favourite friend or meeting that special someone for coffee, a tunic top, and jeans always looks and feels fantastic.

Take it up a notch by pairing a silky tunic top with a pair of crop pants for lunch and shopping. A tunic top can also be worn as a short dress with a pair of dark leggings and boots for a fashion-forward look that makes you feel more confident.

Tunics are also great for lounging around at home with a pair of fluffy socks or slippers. Choose a cotton tunic made from t-shirt material to wear after hours while you watch television and sip a refreshing beverage.

Slip Into a Tunic and Party All Night

Nothing is more dramatic than a sequined tunic with a pair of wide-leg, flowing pants for a special occasion. From weddings to corporate soirees, a tunic makes a fashion statement that turns heads. Slide into a satin tunic with a short skirt for an eye-catching outfit that gets attention.

A soft and loosely knit tunic with metallic threads slips right over leather or suede trousers on a chilly winter night. Tunic dresses with tights and heels have been a go-to look for generations, proving the popularity of tunics throughout the years.

Artistic embellishments always make a tunic look fancy. Search for tunics with embroidery, beading, and screen prints to make them stand out from the crowd.

Fashionable women have worn tunics for work, play, and fun for hundreds of years. For the past century and a half, tunics have continued to evolve into must-have items for every fashionista’s closet. No wardrobe is complete without tunics in an array of colors and styles.

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4 years ago

I really admire your efforts. These are really beautiful. I have totally agreed with you. Thanks for providing such information.tweezerman

4 years ago

You’re right, this is a very ancient garment and I’m glad it’s still popular. I like options for linen tunics like here when it looks very loose and at the same time very elegant

4 years ago

Excellent recommendation. A tunic is really a very cool thing, especially if you combine it with the right underwear and accessories, it can make a great look!

4 years ago

Love this post! Never knew that tunics were worn so long time ago and that it was worn by both men and women. I love tunics to, last time something similar found here