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For some, organizing their home is simply a way of life. Everything has to have its place and life just won’t go on if something is not in it. For others, things just don’t flow that easily. If you are in the latter category of people and are looking for a way to move closer to the other side, there are some organization tips you can use that will ultimately help you have a more organized living space.

Take It Slow

Organization isn’t going to happen overnight. Pick one type of thing and determine its place. Perhaps it’s the kid’s toys or the clutter on the bathroom vanity. Plan a place in the living room for the toys or maybe retire them to the kid’s room. Make that the kids’ goal for the week until it becomes less of an effort for stuff to end up where it belongs.

Start putting the toothbrush in its holder and the brush in a drawer. If items need a designated place, purchase an organizer for under the sink. Organizers can be found in dollar stores and often sold in yard sales for almost nothing.

Fix what Bothers You the Most

Sometimes it’s not about having your whole home picture-perfect all the time. It could just be a few items that need a place to be that will unclutter your home. Coats on the back of the chair, shoes all over the house, dirty clothes in the corner of a room.

Finding a fix that will inspire your family to participate in the process might help things along. Install coat hooks at the most used entry way so coats can be hung up with ease when family members enter the house. Purchase several laundry baskets and place them where clothes generally end up on the floor. Encourage that shoes be removed at the entry way and placed on a shoe shelf.

Catch-all’s Aren’t So Bad

Having a “drawer” in the kitchen for the things that have no other place isn’t a horrible idea. It’s much better than having things all over the place because you don’t know where to put them. The same idea can be implemented in any room, even the garage.

Even catch-all’s can be organized to some degree. Mom’s stuff. Dad’s stuff. Stuff’s stuff. Once it has a place, it can be put away and it can be found, be it a drawer, a box, or a shelf. Cheap organizers can even be used within a catch-all to help organize the unorganized stuff you want to keep.

Sort it Out

Sometimes you just have to set a day, either by yourself or with the whole family involved, and sort out things one room at a time. Literally put things in piles according to their likeness, and once it’s determined where it is most used or needed, find a place to store it.

This would be a great time to get rid of those unused things that have just been taking up the space that something else could use. You may even find things you haven’t seen in a while. Let each person make a decision where their things would best be stored.

If it Doesn’t Have a Place, Get One

There are thousands of types and styles of organizers for thousands of things sold by thousands of retail stores around the world. They range from basic square containers to pricey ornamental containers that will match almost any décor. They come in a range of colors, sizes, shapes, and materials.

Find what works for you and your budget and your living areas, and create a space for the different items that need a particular place to be stored. Of course, if you or your family don’t utilize them after they are purchased, then they won’t help you organize anything. So of course, as with any adjustment, there is some discipline needed in order to form the habit of putting things where they go.

Organization of the Organizers

After buying the correct number and size of organizers for your needs, you’ll need a plan for using them. Nothing looks worse than a pile of organizers filled with stuff. Nothing can be found and you really haven’t become organized!

Sort items into various containers and store the containers neatly on shelves made or purchased for this purpose. Label each container or organizer with at least a general description of what is inside. Then, when searching for that one single thing you know you kept, the chances of locating it again are measurably higher.

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