Factors to Consider when Buying Front Load Washing Machines


Front load washing machines are the most popular especially for small to average sized homes. However, choosing the right front loader to buy can be a daunting task, which is why you must consider the following before buying one:

1. Capacity

Washing machine capacities are measured in kilograms (weight of your clothes). Front loaders come in a wide range of sizes so it’s not hard to find a perfect machine for your laundry room. They can be quite small – about 5-6kg in capacity – but you can also find many larger washing machines with around 10-11kg capacity.

When it comes to capacity, bigger front loaders are not always better. A bigger machine is more expensive to buy and also uses more water and electricity. Always choose the capacity that suits your family needs.

2. Water and energy rating

Water and energy efficiency ratings are a huge factor to consider since it has a direct impact on how much it will cost you to run the machine throughout its lifetime. The higher the rating, the more you stand to save on energy and water costs. However, the most energy efficient machines are more expensive, so you must decide whether the extra upfront cost is really worth it or not.

3. Features

Front load washing machines generally offer more features than top load washing machines. But, since there are so many different features available in different brands of washing machines, you will need an in-depth comparison before choosing one. It’s best to shop at an appliance store in Brisbane where you can compare the features of most of the popular brands of front loaders. Some of the impressive features available in front load washing machines include:

a) Add clothes mid-wash – how many times have you started your washing machine then realized that you forgot a t-shirt or pair of socks? Some washing machines have an additional ‘small door’ which can be opened during the cycle to allow you to add in any forgotten items without stopping the machine. Others come with a feature that allows you to pause the cycle, throw on forgotten clothes, and resume the cycle.

b) Super quick wash time

Some top washing machine manufacturers now make front loaders that boast super fast wash times, without affecting the quality of the wash. With these, you can achieve perfect results in less than an hour.

c) Iron clothes in the wash – some front load washing machines can ‘iron’ your clothes for you using steam and anti-crease features.

4. Price

For most people, it all comes down to the budget and how much they are willing to spend on their front load washing machine. You can invest in a machine with amazing features that ramp up the price, but that doesn’t mean you will ever use them. You just need to find a good balance between the efficiency of the machine and value for money.

Choosing a front load washing machine can be hard, but if you consider these factors thoroughly, you will be in a position to make an informed decision. This ensures that you go home with a machine that can handle all your washing needs comfortably.

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