Experiment with New Looks by Trying Colored Contact Lenses


We all know that wearing and using contact lenses is one way to experiment with different looks without makeup or crazy hairstyles. But did you know there’s another option? Coloured contact lenses are an exciting way to express yourself while still being able to see properly!

You can use them for fashion purposes or even medical reasons like correcting colour blindness. Whatever the reason may be, this article will help get you started down the path of colourful eyes by answering some basic questions about these fun accessories!

What are colour lenses, and how do they work? 

Colour lenses are lenses that are designed with colour in mind. You can use them to correct certain eye colours or just for fun! Colour lenses usually come in one of two types:

  • Natural-looking contact lenses: These look like a normal lens and have some very light tinting, but the rest is clear, so it doesn’t make your eyes match your hair or skin tone.
  • Bright coloured contact lenses: These cover most of the lens and give you a solid unnatural hue. These can change how people see you if they’re not expecting them!

What should I do before buying?

Before purchasing any type of contacts, there are important steps to take first:

  • Make sure they fit well on your eyes by trying them out:

Many people feel comfortable in normal lenses, so they assume that coloured lenses will fit the same. But if you have a smaller eye size, these may not work for you because there is less room to put them on your eyes and fit comfortably.

  • Check if contact lenses are right for your prescription: If you need glasses or contacts now to see, it’s important to know beforehand what types of colour lenses can be used with your current prescription so that one day when this isn’t an issue any longer, you’ll still be able to accommodate yourself easier than without knowing!
  • Know how long they last: They’re different depending on the type of lens, but natural-looking ones typically only last about six months, while bright colours can go up to two years!

Types of coloured lenses and which one should you choose:

Choosing a coloured lens that can enhance your looks is definitely exciting. But finding the right coloured lens can be challenging. Hence, it is better to take a deeper look at what different colours are available for you and try them with a professional eye care provider.

Here are some colour choices that you will come across:

  • Contact lenses for dark eyes:

If you have darker eyes, then choosing a darker or opaque coloured lens will be preferable. For instance, a contact lens with light blue or light green colour wouldn’t look good as compared to brown or grey.

  • Contact lenses for light eyes: If you have light eyes, then choosing any colour will do. You can even go for a glittery or iridescent lens like turquoise, purple, blue, and pink. If you want to get a unique look, then buy red contacts as they are popular among celebrities.
  • Contact lenses for hazel eyes: Hazel-eyed people can choose light brown or green coloured contact lenses, just like the ones with blue and dark brown eye colour. Just remember to avoid all other colours that are not preferred for your eye colour!
  • Contact lenses with shimmering effects: Shimmering contact lenses are those which produce an effect that is similar to the appearance of sequins on clothing. These types of colours usually come in silver, gold as well as copper colours. However, it is worth knowing that these types of contacts might be unsuitable for people who wear glasses because they may cause eye irritation due to increased friction between the two surfaces when blinking.
  • Opaque Tint:

These lenses are suitable for both dark and light eyes, so you can go for the opaque lenses if you aren’t clear with any colour. You can get clear, white or even the natural colour for your eyes.

Things to consider while buying coloured lenses:

  • Budget: Remember to set a budget for your coloured contact lenses. You will find both cheap and expensive options, so make a wise choice based on your needs.
  • Expiry date: Remember that all types of contacts have an expiry date, so you need to be careful about this before buying any type of lens.
  • Medical Advice: You should consult with the eye specialist if you are not sure which colour would go well on your eyes or what kind of medical condition requires them to work properly. It is also worth knowing that these can only be worn up until twelve hours and must never be slept in as they may lead to serious injuries such as redness, irritation and dryness around the eyes!
  • Maintenance: coloured lenses required much care and attention for maintenance because they are more likely to stain when compared to regular contacts. For example, if you wear them while swimming or working out, then it is recommended that you use an eye makeup remover and rinse your eyes with water before wearing them again.

Care and maintenance tips for coloured contact lenses:

  • Use an eye makeup remover and rinse your eyes with water before wearing them again
  • Do not sleep in them as they may lead to serious injuries such as redness, irritation and dryness around the eyes!
  • Make sure to clean them after wearing them for a long time
  • Do not wear coloured lenses near the water as they may wash off and become impossible to find.
  • Make sure to store them in their original packaging or purchase contact lens cases so that they do not get lost!
  • Remove your contacts before using an eye mask or sleeping on an aeroplane. They can cause serious problems such as corneal abrasions, infections and even blindness if anything gets into your eyes while you are lying down.

Conclusion: So, if you’re looking for a new way to experiment with your look without much hassle, then consider getting coloured contact lenses. They are easily accessible online or at eye care stores that offer contacts of all types.

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