Why Facial Extractions Are Perfect For Busy Singapore Mums


A mother’s life is a busy one. Between running the household, caring for the children, and keeping up with social obligations, it can be difficult to find time for oneself.

But what if there was an easy way to revitalize your skin? Facial extractions are perfect for busy Singapore mums because they help remove dry patches on your face that come from stress and lack of sleep.

If you want to achieve better-looking skin, then get an extraction facial at Apple Queen Beauty to remove impurities on your face and you’ll also be refreshed and relaxed. 

For more reasons as to why you should totally consider getting a facial extraction, check the list below:

Facial Extractions Help You Relax 

We all know how stressful it can be to handle housework as well as managing a family. The longer you neglect yourself, the more likely it is for your skin to start deteriorating because of all the stress and dirt that’s been building up on your face.

A facial extraction will help you relax while gently removing impurities from your pores so that they stay clean and clear. You will feel at ease knowing that your skin is looking and feeling healthier than ever.

You Can Remove Wrinkles With Facial Extraction

It’s no secret that busy Singapore mums are the new breadwinners. They juggle careers, family responsibilities, and everything in between with just as much energy and enthusiasm as any man would. But even though they have to deal with a lot on their plates, one thing is for sure: time management isn’t always easy.

Because of all these stresses, it’s natural to develop wrinkles due to the muscles around the eyes being so tight, yet never seem to relax. Facial extractions are designed to help with this by loosening up those muscles and promoting relaxation.

With a facial extraction, you can stop the development of wrinkles and even get rid of some old ones. Not only will this boost your confidence but it will also help you look years younger.

This treatment is perfect for busy mums who want to feel and look their best, but don’t have the time or money to get a full facial treatment session every day. Facial extractions can be done in just minutes with minimal downtime and are extremely affordable when compared to services like laser treatments!

Acne Breakouts are Fewer Thanks to Facial Extractions

One thing that comes with stress is acne. Acne is painful red lumps that are filled with puss which often leave behind scars and can happen anywhere on the body.

A facial extraction is an amazing way to stop acne breakouts before they even start! By cleaning out your pores, you will see fewer outbreaks of pimples. This treatment also has a long-term effect as it reduces skin oil production which would normally clog pores leading to more acne.

Facial extractions are amazing for busy Singapore mums who are heavily struggling with acne because the procedure is found to be extremely efficient in removing these annoying impurities!

You Get Younger and Brighter Looking Skin With Extractions

Even if we age we all still want to look our best. Facial extractions will help you achieve this! When your skin impurities are removed, your complexion can be seen more clearly, which results in younger and brighter-looking skin.

Of course, we might not always have the time to take care of our skin or apply our skincare products due to how busy we are, but with a facial extraction, you don’t need to worry about your skincare routine because the procedure will take care of that for you!


Every woman knows the struggle of finding time to take care of themselves. But it is important that we all make a conscious effort to do so, not just for ourselves but also for our children.

After all, when you are feeling good in your skin and have found peace in your heart, this will shine on those around us. And isn’t that what parenting should be about? In order to find balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle as moms, we need to invest some time in ourselves too.

With facial extraction, you can give your skin and of course yourself the care that you truly deserve!

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