Exciting Family Activities around Lisbon, Portugal


When one thinks about Lisbon, the stunning capital city of Portugal, a picturesque image of old-fashioned buildings, white sandy beaches with clear blue oceans and stunning sunsets instantly enters the mind. There is no denying that this romantic city is definitely near the top of the list of best honeymoon locations, but what about after the honeymoon, and after the children have arrive? This amazing city has so much more to offer than just romantic walks through architectural brilliance, with a massive number of exciting activities that will keep the entire family, for both locals as well as tourists, no matter their ages, completely entertained.

When it comes to choosing the perfect accommodation, although hotels are spread throughout the city, they seem to take away from that warm, homely experience that you would hope to achieve when travelling with your closest loved ones. Luckily Lisbon has a large number of cosy cottages, dotted around the city, waiting to make your family vacation the best that it can possibly be, offering you a glimpse into the true Lisbon experience. Here are some of the best family-friendly activities to add to your Portugal bucket list.

Sponsor a wild animal at the Lisbon Zoo

The Lisbon Zoo is the perfect place for young, curious minds. With over 2000 animals on show, belonging to a massive 360 different species, including mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians, one is guaranteed to spend hours discovering and learning about the amazing animals that call this zoo their home. Some of the most popular attractions include the extremely rare white tigers, the majestic mountain gorillas, as well as a large array of children-specific exhibits such as the petting zoo and “enchanted forest”.

Feel like royalty at Castelo de São Jorge

Every child that has ever enjoyed a fairy tale will absolutely love the idea of visiting a castle. It is no secret that the bigger the castle, the better. Thankfully, the Lisbon Castle is one of the grandest of the land. Youngster’s imaginations will run wild, being transported back into the magical world of medieval times, while the older folk can enjoy learning about the rife history of the city. Besides having the chance to exploring the archaeological site, visitors will be wowed by amazing 360 degree views of the city below.

Feel like James Bond on the amphibious Hippotrip tour

Most children will find a simple city tour unbelievably boring, although once they discover that this particular tour takes them straight into the heart of the River Tagus, they will be begging you to book a tour. This amazing land-sea excursion allows one to discover the interesting history of the land in a way that is exciting, humorous and completely memorable.

By Jason Swindon

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9 years ago

Excellent work nice writing style.
Well I wish I can go there and talk people, I know that people are so lovely many of mine Friends live there.

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