What You Don’t Want to Forget on Vacation


Going on vacation with friends, family, or by yourself is one of the most incredible things you can do. Getting away from work, pressures, and life is so needed. No matter the length of your vacation or how far you travel vacations are amazing and essential. One thing though that can ruin a vacation is when you realize you forgot something really important that you need at home. There are tons of things that you can forget that can be replaced easily but there are some things that are not that simple to replace. Here are a few things that you do not want to forget when going on vacation.


Imagine you are going on a wonderful getaway to the Bahamas. You finally get to your hotel room and lay down on the bed. With the sound of the ocean and tropical music in your ear you reach down in the bag to grab your blood pressure medication (or whatever medicine you take) and its not there. You start to panic because you are totally screwed. This is could be you if you forget your medications at home when you pack for vacation. Especially if you are planning to go somewhere outside of the country there will not be a pharmacy you can run up to really quick to get your prescription filled.


In all honesty bills suck and they suck even worse when you forget to pay them. It is not hard to get really excited and focused on getting ready for vacation a couple of days before you leave and forget simple things like bills. There are some bills that you can pay online but there are some that you cant. If you live in an apartment most places do not accept anything other than cash or a money order. It would be absolutely terrible to get to you vacation destination and then realize you forgot to pay rent or any other bill. To prevent this from happening a few days before you leave pay all your bills in advance that are due while you are on vacation and maybe a few days after you get back. This will be smart because when you get back from vacation it will take you a few days to snap back into reality.

Activities for the kids

If you are traveling with children you need to have activities for them to do. Have you ever sat in a car or on a plane with a bored child for a long period of time? It is just about enough to drive you absolutely insane not to mention the other people around you. Kids need lots to do when traveling to go on vacation or really anywhere. Make sure to bring plenty of books, coloring books, small quiet toys, and maybe even a portable DVD player with headphones. These sorts of things will keep them busy and quiet for hours, which lets be honest is the best thing for everyone’s sake.

Home Security System

When going on vacation the number on thing you don’t want to forget is a home security system. It doesn’t matter how much fun and great memories you made on your vacation; if you get home and your home is broken into and your possessions are gone it all doesn’t matter. I found a company called Smith Monitoring that specializes in home alarm systems, they offer the absolute best home security systems available. They have a really cool app that allows you to view your home via live video feed (from the camera they install inside and outside of your home) at anytime and it will alert you and emergency services immediately anytime anything is wrong with your home. You definitely don’t want to forget this!

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