Not Feeling that Postpartum Party Vibe? How to Get Your Mojo Back


If asked whether they’d swap their kids for their pre-mommy body and libido, most new mommies would probably say no. Still, the idea of retrieving that beautiful body and the passion that went along with it certainly appeals to many. Postpartum blues can rob a girl of her mojo. Fortunately, there are ways to get it back. Here are some tried-and-true libido enhancers for new moms in the throes of the new baby blues.

Feeling sexy while carrying your baby to term

If you’re like many women, you felt super sexy while you were preggers. The extra sway in your bosom and newly bountiful spread of your hips may have been a big turn-on to your beloved, as well. Being sexy is all about the way you feel inside, right? Whilst bringing forth life, it’s easy to feel goddess-like and erotic. After delivery, however, some women feel less than libidinous.

Breast augmentation surgery to correct post-pregnancy deflation can go a long way toward boosting a new mommy’s self-esteem and sense of sexiness, says Mayo Clinic. If a woman has gone through life thinking one breast is smaller than the other, postpartum mammoplasty is a good way to increase her confidence exponentially.

Things that affect the size and bounce of your boobies

Once puberty begins, a monthly menstrual cycle comprises phases known as follicular and luteal. Starting around a week after your period commences, the follicular phase begins and estrogen levels plummet. This phase is when breasts are naturally their smallest. After an egg is released from the fallopian tubes, progesterone and estrogen levels rise again. This luteal phase is when breasts are fullest and at their most tender.

Pregnancy brings on major changes, as far as your mammaries are concerned. A proliferation of blood vessels may speckle your newly expanded breasts with a pale blue road map of veins. Your nipples may become erect as the areola that surrounds them change color and widen. Childbirth and breastfeeding trigger a surge of hormones including prolactin that urge your breasts to do what they were designed to do: Feed a baby. Once the ‘let-down’ reflex is in place, anything from an image of a newborn to the sound of a kitten mewling can trigger a surprising spray of milk. If this makes you shy, try to get over that. This time of your life won’t last forever and a little-spilled milk can make for a lovely bonding experience with your partner.

You may find that your cup size is far larger than it was before you had your baby. If you and your partner enjoy the increased weight and dimension of your breasts, you may wish to consider a permanent augmentation in the near future. See Roxy Plastic Surgery today to view before-and-after pictures and to get a good idea of the happy results you may anticipate. That thrilling thought might be enough to jumpstart your mojo.

Fun for him and for her, too

Breasts can be a wonderful part of foreplay as they rise and fall with each breath and swell with excitement. As your lover becomes more aroused, so do your nipples. As Rutgers University sexperts explained to Shape magazine, the same responsive brain area is stimulated by nipple and clitoral stimulation. In fact, some lucky women are able to experience a sexual climax from breast play alone.

Breast health for all around good mojo

All women are advised to monitor their breasts for changes such as lumps. A monthly self-exam using soapy hands in a warm shower can help a woman identify changes that should be addressed by a physician. A good time to do a self-exam is about five days after the start of a period.

If you’re like a lot of women, you might feel a lot more comfortable if you consulted about mojo-enhancing breast augmentation with a female plastic surgeon. Women in the Columbus area trust Dr. Roxanne Grawe to transform the way they feel about their post-pregnancy breasts and bodies. Special 3D imaging allows a surgery candidate to see a visual representation of the enhancements she can reasonably expect to attain.

By the way, if you think that eating herbs or chomping certain veggies will boost the bounty of your bust, please think again. According to Livestrong, Fenugreek, Dong Quai, chaste-tree berry, wild yam, black cohosh, hops, and kava have no noticeable effect on breast size.

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