6 Things Every Mom Needs to Have in Her Wedding


Weddings are a magical experience, whether they’re gigantic, or intimate, but everyone wants it to be perfect. When you already have kids, that’s when you’ve got even more people to please, but even more sources of fun for everyone. These are six things you should include that will make your wedding great for you, and for the kids so that you can enjoy that special day, worry free!


Making crafts is a longtime activity for a mom and her kids, but when you can incorporate that intimate act into a wedding, that just kills two birds with one stone. You can make decorations with the kids, and then use those to decorate the wedding! Instead of a huge expensive centerpiece, why not something you can make cheaply at home and spend the time with the kids instead of the money?

You can even make wedding favors with them. Who doesn’t love a cute homemade gift from the kids? You can take after other moms and make the Wedding I Spy Jars that are a fun idea for everyone!

A Good Cake

Kids love sweets. So of course, they’re going to be begging to have some of that wedding cake. As long as it’s good, they’ll be happy with it, so make sure you’re getting the flavors you can both agree on, and you’ll all getting something tasty as well as elegant.

Don’t skimp on making that cake look good though! It’s your day, so make sure it speaks to you and put whatever you want on it. You can find a bunch of cheap things online to put on there like these cake toppers.

Plenty of Pictures with the Kids

You’re going to want a bunch of pictures with the groom for sure, but now that you’ve got a big happy family, don’t be afraid to let them get in the frames on your special day. Some helpful advice would be to keep your wedding small and affordable so that the whole family can have a blast.

Taking pictures are the way to make memories tangible, and you’re going to want to remember more than just you and the groom. Even if it’s hard to get them to pose, you’re going to want those pictures of your special day with the whole family forever.

Music for Everyone

If you’ve got throwbacks in mind that you’re going to tell the DJ to play, don’t forget about the kids! There’s plenty of songs you and the kids can both agree on. If you and the kids don’t share music much, then start looking now! You’d be surprised how much kid-friendly music is out there that’s really good. Hiring a good wedding band or DJ is important to keep everyone happy.

You can always look to Disney movies. Kids love all the songs from Frozen, and the Moana soundtrack has been a big hit for people of all ages. That “Don’t Stop the Feeling” song that Justin Timberlake did for the Trolls movie is also a favorite of moms and kids everywhere. You get a little throwback with Mr. JT, and something fun, energetic, and appropriate!

The Kids!

It may be obvious, but don’t forget to make the kids a part of the wedding. They may squirm or be hard to handle, but it’s so special to have them up there with you. There’s already the jobs like ring bearer and flower girl, but there’s plenty of other ways to incorporate the kids. No matter what you do, everyone is going to have fun being a part of this special event.

A Honeymoon

Don’t forget: this day is for you. After the wedding is over, you deserve it to be able to get away from the world with your partner. For some, that may not seem possible, but there’s a ton of ways you can do it!

You can go the normal route and go on a big vacation, just you and him. That can get expensive though and not many of us have the time for that. If the money isn’t an issue, you can take the kids with you, but that’ll certainly get even more expensive. What can be even more fun though, is just taking the time off from everything else, and spending it at home.

Take a little work vacation, make your honeymoon the relaxing nights and the family activities, or get a babysitter and spend time alone with your new husband. No matter what you do, make sure it’s exactly what you want to do.

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