Encouraging Our Children To Be More Creative


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Creativity is not something we can force, but we can encourage it, and we can slowly nurture it should it exist. Not all children are creative, and that’s totally fine. That doesn’t make them ‘lesser’ in any way, as creativity is not just if you enjoy painting, or home crafts, but can be expressed in a variety of ways.

That said, it can be helpful to try and foster a little creativity in your home environment. That might seem a little assumptive, but you’d be surprised just how much it can help your children explore their tastes and ambitions. For instance, using the Heat Press Zone for amazing t-shirts you could think about tie-dying, or perhaps heading to an arts and crafts store to enjoy a pottery class when the time is right could be a wonderful idea, too.

The more we encourage our children to be creative, the more likely they are to get out of their comfort zone, which may be all for the better. Let’s consider how this might be applied, and to what degree our children can benefit:

Providing StructureTo Creativity

It’s important to provide a little structure to the creativity we hope to encourage in our children. Of course, allowing them to explore their imagination is always a good idea. But if you hope to come together and get something done, and learn, it might be worth setting a project. Perhaps, for instance, you could run a project by trying to emulate a mosaic tile art picture as if the Ancient Romans might. This could slot into home education or homework studies quite nicely, while also providing them the chance to learn a new medium and think about how those pictures were made. As you can see, creativity can be educational.

Getting Involved

It’s good to get involved with projects and to show that creativity is nothing to be afraid of, even if that simply means joining a pottery class even though we have no experience in it, or trying to paint with watercolor, or perhaps even purchasing a cool comic book set and drawing your own comic book ideas. That kind of focus in getting involved shows that creativity need not be ‘justified,’ but can be a great place to experiment and learn.

One Common Project

Why not get involved with a common project that helps both you and your children enjoy your time crafting a particular endeavor together? You might decide to make a fun travel movie using your mobile phone or digital flip camera while on vacation this summer, or make an awesome ‘memory scrapbook,’ or even work together on a school project to make sure you use creativity to delve into a topic you both enjoy. Working collaboratively as part of creativity can be a valuable life skill, for us as much as our children.

With this advice, you’re sure to help your children become more creative as necessary.

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Samuel Cocinas Lubay

Excellent post. It is very helpful for me and business(cocinas) colleagues, all these tips for our children to be more creative, nowadays with so much technology it costs more work for children to be more creative. Thanks for sharing.