Education in Australia: A Guide for Canadian Students


When Canadian students realize that Australia is the most expensive country for foreign students, the idea of studying there gets intimidating. The fees are lower than those at U.S. universities, but the cost of living adds up.

However, let’s not forget that there are amazing scholarship opportunities that can get you studying for less. Plus, you can work while you study in Australia. The system is developed in a way that encourages students to get part-time jobs.

It’s an amazing country with the most beautiful scenery around any university you choose. Young people here are relaxed and love to have fun. Aussies will immediately accept you in their circle of friends, and they will make the place feel like your new home. 

Are you interested? We’ll list the most important things that Canadian students should know about studying in Australia.

Tips for Canadians Who Want to Study in Australia

  1. Get Informed about the Fees

As a student from Canada, you’ll be charged a different fee when compared to the one for domestic students. That’s because the Aussie government subsidies the fees. In addition, many Aussie students are part of the HELP (Higher Education Loan Program).

When you look at the fees at the website of a certain university, make sure to focus on the ones for international students.

As an example, Canadian students will pay A$90,400 yearly for studying medicine at the University of Melbourne. Domestic students pay A$11,155 per standard year.

It’s important to have a plan. When you know how much money you have, you’ll figure out how to source it.  

  1. Plan Your Living Expenses

Depending on the university you choose, you’ll have some living expenses to cover. Shared rental costs around A$200 per week on average. You also need to cover bills, groceries, and night-life expenses.

Sometimes you’ll face unexpected expenses. Australian universities assign fewer projects when compared to American ones. That’s because the projects here are challenging, and the standards are unusual for foreign students.

Don’t worry; once you find the best assignment provider, you’ll get discounts. Plus, working with professional writers helps you get used to the assignments. You’ll use the papers as samples and you’ll learn how to write your own content in future.   

  1. Get Informed about Work and Study Opportunities

The Australian educational system is developed in a way that enables students to pay for their own education. Part-time work is available in different niches. You will be protected with work rights just like Australians are. The strong protection laws prevent companies from taking advantage of you.

If you’re particularly good at a certain subject, you can find a motivation to write an assignment. You’ll work as a freelance writer, editor, graphic designer, or programmer. In addition to earning money, you’ll also learn more through the projects you complete.

As an international student, you’ll be able to access the same job offers as Aussies. Each university has notice boards and dedicated job sites. That’s a good starting point. But you’ll also benefit from looking at professional recruitment companies and alumni groups.

  1. Consider Financial Aid Opportunities

When you combine work with financial aid, you’ll easily get the money to pay for your education in Australia, and you won’t be burdening your family.

You have access to professional student lines of credit and Canadian student loans. You’re not studying in Canada, but you may still be eligible for a loan as a student originating from that country.

Of course; you have to repay loans. Free money in the form of a scholarship is much more convenient, isn’t it? Each Aussie university grants a limited number of scholarships for foreign students, especially if they enter an MA or PhD program. If you want to get a scholarship to study in Australia, aim for research-oriented programs. Those are the ones that offer the best opportunities.

Canadian agencies also offer scholarships for Canadians who want to study abroad. You’ll have to be very diligent with your research and applications, but it’s possible to get lucky.

You’ll Love Australia!

It may be an expensive country, but it also offers endless opportunities for financing your studies. University cities are all about youth, fun, and prosperity. You’ll meet many bright people from all around the world. If you need help with anything, domestic students will gladly offer a hand.

Let’s not forget the fact that Australian universities offer education of finest quality. Most of them are research-oriented. When you complete your program, you’ll be ready to face the real world. If you work while you study, you’ll gain experience that enables you to apply for a job above the entry level.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

BIO: Robert Everett is a freelance writer who travels the world. He’s been to Australia two times and he plans to turn that country in his forever home in the future. Robert mostly blogs about the educational industry, which is his main interest.

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