Eco-Friendly Laundry Solutions: How Sustainable Laundry Systems Benefit Your Family and the Planet


There are several ways your everyday appliances are impacting the environment. Whether this is a positive or negative impact is based on how much energy an appliance uses (or wastes), how much water it consumes to operate, and how efficient the appliance is in daily operation. 

Most modern appliances are designed to be energy-sound when in use, which is both impactful for the environment and for the people who use them. One of the best ways you can incorporate sustainable (or lasting) solutions into your home is to upgrade your home’s laundry system. How are modern laundry systems more sustainable than traditional units, and how can they benefit your family and the planet? The more you understand how simply changing the laundry system in your home can better the environment, the more you can understand how being sustainable is not a difficult thing to do. It can even be quite beneficial and rewarding!

How Modern Laundry Systems Embrace Sustainability 

First, it’s important to know what sustainability means. In regards to energy use, sustainability simply means the length of time something lasts and how much pollution or carbon emissions it releases either in manufacturing or production or actual regular use. 

Modern laundry systems embrace sustainability by using less energy than traditional washing machines and dryers while simultaneously consuming less water. While this may seem like a minor accomplishment, once you factor in how many gallons of water your traditional unit uses compared to a modern washing machine alone and then compare these findings to the number of laundry loads you do a day, you’ll see that an upgrade does make an impact. 

For example, the average American family does around 300 loads of laundry a year. Using a traditional washing machine equates to at least 9,000 gallons of water used just to wash clothing and linen every year. 

Modern laundry systems use far less water (up to half as much), so even if you do the same amount of laundry yearly with an upgraded system, you’ll do your part to save the planet by vastly reducing your home’s water use. 

How Can Sustainable Laundry Systems Benefit Your Family And The Environment? 

There are several ways that using a sustainable laundry system can benefit your family as well as the environment you live in. If your washing machine and dryer units are very old or using lots of energy, they’re likely costing you a lot of time and money just to give you subpar results. Here are some benefits of making the upgrade to a more modern laundry system — and when you benefit, the planet benefits as well. 

Saving Money 

You spend money every time you turn on your washing machine and dryer. It makes sense, then, that upgrading to a more modern laundry system will benefit you in several ways. The less energy a unit uses to wash or dry your clothing, the lower your energy bill can be as a result. Environmentally, the lower the energy use on an appliance, the lesser the carbon footprint. 

Saving Time

Smart technology is often incorporated into modern laundry systems, allowing them to use your home’s humidity levels, laundry densities, and other factors to customize the washing and drying experience. This results in clothing and linen being washed and dried in a faster time so you can spend less time laundering clothing and more time with your family or on other household tasks. 

Saving Linen And Clothing

Most traditional washing machines are top-loading with an agitator in the center. This setup limits the amount of laundry you can load at a time as well as the type of laundry (for example, sleeping bags or large blankets). More sustainable laundering options in washing machines include front-loading designs, which are not only easier to use, but they help preserve your linen and favorite clothing staples by using more gentle cleansing methods. 

Modern dryers use more efficient drying technologies to dry clothing as well, tumble and air drying clothing and linen so less drying cycles have to be used. This results in less wear and tear on clothing, especially sensitive items. You get to keep your clothing longer, which prevents consumption, yet another benefit to the environment as well as your family.

Fewer Loads

If you want to make a positive impact on the environment without letting the laundry pile up, consider a washing and drying machine that will allow you to do fewer loads but get the same amount of laundry done. The less loads of laundry you do, the less energy you use in the home. Front-loading and stackable options in laundry systems allow you to efficiently launder your clothing with fewer loads —  even one less load of laundry a day adds up to saving the environment. 

Further Benefiting The Environment

If you’re upgrading your laundry system, don’t just throw out your old washer and dryer. Consider donating them to a family in need or have these units recycled. This keeps these large appliances out of landfills while potentially benefiting families who need a laundry system for themselves. There are several budget-friendly modern laundry systems you can consider to allow you to make a more positive impact on the environment without putting a massive dent in your wallet. Remember: the investment you make in a more efficient washer and dryer may come at an initial upfront cost, but can save you time, money, and energy for as long as you own them.

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