10 Easy Tips for Keeping Your House Forever Clean


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average American spends about an hour per day cleaning their house. Between work, parenthood, errands, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, learning how to keep your house clean can be one of the toughest and most important lessons to learn.

However, sometimes it feels nearly impossible to manage everything on your own. This is where we come to your rescue! The following tips and tricks will help you get your home (and your precious life) in order. Continue reading to learn how to keep a house clean in 2019.

#1: Put Your Belongings Away After Use

This may seem obvious, but failing to put away your personal belongings is the main culprit of an untidy room. Before you move from your kitchen to your bedroom or your bedroom to your dining space, consider performing a quick scan to check if there is something you should take with you.

Also, make sure that every time you use, wear, or move something ends up right where it shouldn’t be. It’s so easy to leave a few shirts on the bed, a pair of shoes near your front door, and some dishes in the sink until the next day. Don’t forget that all those tiny piles could potentially turn into a big mess.

#2: Make Your Bed

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Because your bed is the most visible surface in your bedroom, an unmade bed can make the entire room look untidy. Remember, an untidy room can cause you to develop anxiety and depression.

If you aren’t a fan of tucking in the sheets, consider switching to a duvet, one with a removable cover which you can easily wash every week—simply pull it up and your bed is tidy.

#3: Empty Your Dishwasher Every Morning

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Ever timed yourself emptying the dishwasher? If so, you already know that even emptying a packed dishwasher doesn’t take longer than five minutes. You can do it when brewing coffee or as you wait for your kids to get ready for school.

You don’t want dirty dishes to pile up in the sink. An empty dishwasher will help to make your kitchen look clean and fresh. Moreover, it helps in preventing household pests.

#4: Use Plastic Wrap

Stretch wrap is essential in your kitchen, but there are more uses for plastic wrap than you probably know.

We have all used plastic wrap to protect food and save it for later. But did you know that you can use it to keep the fridge top always clean?

Make sure the next time you clean your refrigerator top is, in fact, the last time you have to clean it. Once you get it all clean and shiny, consider covering the top with plastic wrap. So, when it’s due for another cleaning, simply remove the old overlapping sheets, and replace them with new plastic wrap.

When you are off on holiday and away from your computer for weeks, make sure to cover the keyboard and mouse with plastic wrap. Remember, long periods of inactivity can cause dust and grime to settle in between the keys, making the keyboard unusable.

Because it sticks to itself and not to surfaces, you can use plastic wrap for moving as well. It’s great for bundling and protecting things without leaving a sticky residue or causing damage. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Keep cabinet doors and drawers closed during transit by covering the whole piece of furniture.
  • Make sure to secure appliance cords to your appliance the same way.
  • Keep moving blankets and paper padding around furniture without tape.
  • Bundle things like electric cables, curtain rods, and bed rails together.
  • Cover open bottles (e.g., shampoo bottles) with plastic wrap under the cap in order to prevent spills.
  • When rolling rugs, secure them with plastic ties and roll them in large, plastic wrap.

#5: Create a Daily Laundry Habit

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Having a regular laundry habit can be game-changing. Simply pop a load in before leaving for work, then transfer it to the dryer once you get home. The next part is vital: Fold quickly as the buzzer goes off and put your clean clothes away.

#6: Wipe Your Faucets and Sinks

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Hairs and toothpaste splatters in the bathroom sink do not look good.

Grab yourself a good homemade disinfecting wipe, then wipe your faucets and sinks after you’re ready for the day. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll keep the mess from getting out of control. Plus, it takes only a few seconds to wipe the sinks and faucets, so why not consider?

#7: Clean as You Go

As you’re keeping your house clean, it’s also necessary to pay attention to the clutter in your kitchen.

Make sure to get rid of empty packages and scraps. Wash utensils and pots while dinner roasts in the oven. Put your dishes away before sitting down after each meal. Cleaning as you cook will save time and keep your kitchen in beautiful shape.

#8: Sort the Mail

You probably receive mail every day, most of which turns out to be junk. So, instead of allowing it to pile up on the counter or in your mailbox, sort it the moment you walk in the door. Place coupons, bills, and personal correspondence in their suitable places the second you bring in the paper and recycle junk mail.

#9: Create a Weekly Cleaning Routine

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No matter how good you are with everyday cleaning, you should still maintain a weekly cleaning habit. It’s the best way to carve out one room at a time. Make sure to create a routine that lets you focus on one major area of your house. Here’s an example of a weekly cleaning schedule you can follow:

  • Monday: Bathrooms and vacuuming
  • Tuesday: Laundry and dusting
  • Wednesday: Kitchen
  • Thursday: Living room and mopping
  • Friday: Bedrooms
  • Saturday: Miscellaneous tasks

Besides consistent daily and weekly cleaning schedules, consider monthly and quarterly cleaning habits as well. This may include lint lines, mattresses, blinds, air filters, and more.

#10: Get the Whole Family involved

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It’s often easier to do the cleaning yourself, but spending some time to teach your children to do age-appropriate tasks will be helpful in the long run.

Start by working on having the kids pick up after themselves—putting their shoes and coat away when they get home, cleaning their room, putting dishes in the dishwasher, etc.—and add in other chores if possible.

It’s truly fascinating how much of a difference it makes in the overall tidiness of your house if just these three above-mentioned things are done.

Wrapping Up

Clean space lets your mind relax and be more creative. When you are surrounded by untidiness or a disorganized mess, your brain focuses more on the chaos, rather than enabling your creative juices to flow. If you are a creative person, keeping your house clean will help you do what you do best.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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Jessica Aniston
4 years ago

I just went through your blog really very informative.

Succulent Lover
4 years ago

Thank you for this amazing post. I also would like to say that growing succulents in your house will make it look cleaner and houseplants also purify indoor air.