Don’t let the stress of finding a parking spot stress you, Luxe App is here to help!


If you work in a business city where parking is a huge headache then this new service will be the key to finding the right parking spot for you. When I used to live in Chicago this was a major pet peeve of mine, so much so that I stop driving my car and took the “L” transit system.

It was just too much on me stress-wise trying to park and lord knows when I had the kids it was even worse. Now Luxe , an on-demand valet parking and car service company has instantly solved a big parking problem in many cities. You see Luxe will dispatch someone to park your car based on your destination.


That headache of finding a parking spot is no more, now when you need to drive somewhere where parking is such a pain, like any place in Chicago, just open your Luxe app and inform it where you’ll be heading! Once you get to your desired destination, a valet will be waiting for you on the side of the road. You will know him or her because of their unique blue jacket with the company’s Luxe logo, and yes he or she will know exactly who you are by greeting you by your name.


Now that’s pretty cool and quite impressive! All you would need to do next is place your car keys in their hand but know this too that Luxe is insured for $5 million against theft and damage, and it tracks your car with GPS. So, you can hand over those keys without feeling worried. Just inform him how long you’ll need your car parked and off you both go. Available to you on this app will be a little icon representing your car making its way to a parking lot.

Your vehicle is parked and you’re on your way to your job, shopping or wherever you’re headed for that day.

Now once you are ready to leave just open the Luxe app and hit the button to alert them you are ready for your car! You will be able to see everything pertaining to your car right on your phone screen and your Luxe valet driver is headed right to you. Before you know it, your car arrives within minutes. What an awesome service and guess what, you don’t have to be in that same destination when you dropped your car off. Luxe return destination can be anywhere in Luxe’s service area.

Ok , I know you are asking by now what is the cost for such a great service like Luxe? Well hold on to your seat because the Luxe service cost just $7 an hour with a $20-$30 maximum daily rate, depending on your city. WOW, this would be so great to have here in MI especially since it cost so much to park during Football and Hockey season, heck it cost a lot period here and the parking is just horrible at times.


I don’t know about you but as a busy mom who travels a lot with and without the kids, I think Luxe has become my new buddy app for sure! I can simply envision my life being much easier with this service, no more circling the block with kids screaming, no more waiting forever for people to move out of a parking spot, no more struggling with taxis or walking a ways to board a subway. A mom trying to conquer life in the city is no more, Luxe has a simple solution to making everyday driving challenges easier via Luxe!


Luxe is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Austin, and Philadelphia with plans to expand to more U.S. cities later this year.


You can visit the Luxe site to learn more and don’t forget to connect with them via Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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