Fin & Lou – Little World, interactive storybook app.


Sometimes finding the right app for your kids can be a journey within itself. With them being indoors due to the winter weather I ‘m always on the lookout for ways to keep them entertained. Well, just the other day I found an app that I know they will enjoy especially Jordan!

It’s called the Fin & Lou-Little World App.


What is this app you may be asking? Fin & Lou – Little World together with siblings Fin and Lou, kids aged 3-5 can travel the world – from London to the Kalahari Desert.


Each place they travel to have funny sounds and animations to discover, like: Big Ben that chimes when tapped, a lion that roars when found, and a choice of souvenirs to take home from every trip. And there’s lots to learn – Fin and Lou’s Travel Diary entries are for mom & dad to read aloud.

Its fun, education and very colorful. Your kids can go along with Fin and Lou as they explore the world while your kids have full control as to where their headed. The app comes with three locations your kids can explore with Fin and Lou like: London, Japan, and the Kalahari Desert. Now your child can add more destinations like: Rio, Tahiti, and New York, where Lou skates at Rockefeller Center in a city decked out for the holidays.


You can purchase new locations via the website and the cost is $1.99.Fin&Lou_12_lowThe great thing about these destinations is they have lots to explore like busy cites where you can interact and even flying in a hot balloon…cool ha! You can even help Lou feed the animals in the Kalahari Desert too.


As your child visit many destinations with Lou and Fin they can grab a special souvenirs along the way because there is a gift stall every place they visit. Once back at home you will be able to see Lou and Fin travel diary and all the fun they had. Being that this app is for younger children I love that there is so much for them to explore with Fin and Lou!

I really like this app because it allows our children to explore different cultures and lands. It’s a very easy app to operate and navigating throughout the app is even easier. Your child will be able to fly on to the next destinations with ease, once their finished exploring one destination, it’s off to the next.

Jordan seem to really enjoy the Fin and Lou app, he showed me a few things he explored while playing it. He explored riding the bus in London, starting a boat race and he love watching the birds. He spent a few hours playing Fin and Lou and I can see his expressions changed when he encountered something new. I think he was more amazed with the Kalahari Desert the most because he loves all animals.


There is so much to learning about each destination and many activities for your child to enjoy. At the end of every destination there is a small write up that you can share with your children about their journey there. The app can be downloaded on (iPad and iPhones) and the app is in 6 languages so it’s great for multi-lingual families too!


So Mom and Dad if you’re looking for a great adventurous app for the kids while their traveling or for at home, download Fin and Lou. It’s an adventurous , fun, educational, interactive, colorful kid app that they would enjoy and the price is just right .99 cent until the end of the year and can be downloaded here.






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