Don’t let filling your prescriptions get you down, try the new free prescription savings App called ScriptSave WellRx.


If you’ve been looking for a way to save on your prescriptions you might want to check out this new App called: logo55

Do you know billions of Americans spend money on prescription drugs and according to a new report from IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, the nation’s total spending on prescription medications dropped from $329.2 billion in 2011 to $325.8 billion last year all because people simply cannot afford to pay for their prescriptions.

I know for myself I was one of the ones who had to scale back because of the costly scripts that were prescribed. With the way things are today for many people it’s a choice to buy your bare necessities or try and purchase some of those high cost prescriptions, well I sometimes have to select the bare necessities first.

But now there is a new prescriptions savings app called ScriptSave® WellRx you just might want to check. The great thing about this card is you and your entire family can use it. Let me tell you more about ScriptSave WellRX: The ScriptSave WellRx card will help you save money on your prescriptions. It can be used by you and everyone in your household, including your pets, for savings on both brand name and generic prescriptions… on brand names that’s a plus right there!

It’s very easy to use – just locate the prescription medicines you need at the savings you love. ScriptSave WellRx can provide instant savings at the register on brand-name and generic prescriptions. Use the card to save on prescription medications again for the entire family.


You can search to compare the best discounts on your medication for everyone quick and easy. Plus, ScriptSave WellRx is accepted over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide so you’re sure to find a savings somewhere by you. The app is so easy to download and use and you can compare savings right in the palm of your hand when you see each pharmacy price visually through your phone. Being able to see what each pharmacy charges offers a whole new level of pricing transparency. I can see which pharmacy has the lowest price, either close to me or on my way across town.

Another good thing about ScriptSave WellRx is you have a choice to receive a ScriptSave WellRx Savings Card or you can just download the free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

You won’t have to worry about any enrollment fee and no limits on usage to worry about either. If you’re wondering how much of a savings you will receive how about up to 50% on brand name and generic prescription drugs.

All you have to do when picking up your prescriptions from your local participating pharmacy is show your card each time you fill or refill a prescription. Savings average 44% per prescription, with potential savings of up to 80%, and all prescription medications are eligible for savings. You may cancel your registration at any time by contacting Customer Care. 

  • If you do not have health insurance, use ScriptSave WellRx for any brand name or generic prescriptions you or your family pay for out-of-pocket.
  • If you have health insurance coverage, including Medicare, compare your insurance price/copay to the ScriptSave WellRx price. The ScriptSave WellRx price may be lower than your copay. Use ScriptSave WellRx for savings on medications excluded by your health plan.
  • If you have a high-deductible health plan, using ScriptSave WellRx to purchase medications at a discount may be more beneficial when paying 100% out-of-pocket.

ScriptSave® WellRx is brought to you by Medical Security Card Company, LLC (MSC). For more than 20 years, they have delivered meaningful savings on prescription medicines at participating pharmacies, nationwide. For people who are uninsured, underinsured, or insured, ScriptSave WellRx is the trusted online resource that makes prescription medicines more affordable and easier to manage.

So the next time you feel pressured about filling, refilling your prescriptions, just pull out your ScriptSave WellRx card or your app via smartphone and watch the savings generate.

I can’t wait to apply myself so I can see how the ScriptSave WellRx card will help me save, some of my scripts are $35 and up.


To learn more about ScriptSave WellRx card visit their website and connect with them via Facebook| Twitter |

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