20 Things to Blog About


By: Mark Dennis


As we blog, sometimes we find it harder and harder to come up with fresh ideas to write about. There are a lot of things that you should include, but sometimes we all get writer’s block. Check out these blog post ideas and hopefully they will spark your creativity when you run out of things to say.

1. Tips

Write a post to share tips. You could even devote a whole section to helping your readers accomplish something. It could be to make things easier, faster or cheaper to do.

2. How-to

Most people are able to use easy-to-follow instructions so that they can accomplish a task. Whatever you want to teach your readers, the how-to fashion is an effective tool and most people enjoy reading them.

3. Reviews

You can write a review on just about anything in your blog. Here are some suggestions of things you can do a review on:

  • Products
  • Food
  • Websites
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

The possibilities are nearly endless, just imagine something you’ve tried, and write about your experience.

4. Photos

Post photos related to your blog topic. You can also have a “Photo Contest”, or just a day to share. You could put up topics or make it seasonal. A picture is worth a thousand words…

5. Think Link

Write a post that includes a list of links. You can also put links on the side-bar that go to other blog posts or websites you like.

6. News

News is something that everyone watches, listens to, or reads. If you’re running out of things to write about, just look around you. What’s going on in the world? Write a post about an interesting bit of news.

7. Lists

People love lists, and just about any kind of list will attract traffic. Top 10 lists, 5 things not to do lists, 3 reasons I love something, etc. Even a list of things to make a list about.

8. Recommendations

Share recommendations related to your blog topic. It could be books, products, or anything that has to do with your blog.

9. Interviews

Interview a prominent figure or expert that is relevant your blog topic. Then publish a post about it.

10. Polls

Take a poll for member participation, it can be relative to your blog topic or of some interesting topic.

11. Contests

People love to win prizes! And it’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog as well as encourage visitors to leave comments. Blog contests can be used to write several posts such as an announcement post, a reminder post and a winner post. It’s also a good way to keep visitors coming back.

12. Blog Carnivals

Host a Blog Carnival. A Blog Carnival is a blog promotional event where one blogger acts as the host and other bloggers act as participants. The host announces the carnival date and topic. Then the other bloggers who write about that topic on their own blogs write a post related to the blog carnival’s topic and publishes it on their blog. Each participating blogger sends the host the link to their specific blog carnival post entry. This is a great way to promote yourself and your neighborhood bloggers.

13. Podcasts

Sometimes it’s easier to talk about something than it is to write about it. If that’s the case, try audio blogging and post a podcast.

14. Videos

Share a video from YouTube or one of your own, or host a video carnival.


Share a quote from a celebrity or prominent person in a field related to your blog topic. Be sure to cite your source.

16. Links to Interesting Content Social Networks

Sometimes you can find some really interesting submissions on social network sites. It’s fun to share links to some of the best submissions related to your blog topic or of interest to your readers in one of your own blog posts.

17. Comment Fishing

Turn the tables and post a question or comment. Then ask your readers what they think about the question or comment. It’s a good way to spark up a conversation.

18. Guest Posts

Ask other bloggers or experts in a field related to your blog topic to write a guest post for your blog. If your blog has you busy, these guest writers can help you build content faster.

19. Point/Counterpoint

A point/counterpoint post is where you present two opposing sides to an argument or issue. This type of post can be separated into two different posts where the first presents one side of the argument and the second presents the other side.

20. Answer Reader Questions or Comments

Look back through the comments left by your readers and find any questions or statements that can be used to spark a new post. After all, your readers is what it is all about anyways.

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