Does Sending Your Parents to Day Care Centre Implies Emotional Infidelity?


There is more to life than just having your ends meet; beyond sustenance and provisions. Life is about being able to do something beneficial to society at large. Unlike the common notion – everyone can contribute to the organization provided that their intentions are set right.


Debunking the Myth of Adding Value


One doesn’t need to be a scholar, researcher, or innovator to bring a positive change in life. This feat could be achieved simply by creating a forum where everyone gets a sense of belongingness and affiliation besides being valued for their capabilities.


This might sound a bit too idealistic to you, but this is what everything comes down to. All the hurly-burly and the hustle-bustle of your life won’t matter to you amid your golden years. The shenanigans won’t be there to engulf you, nor would you long to pursue hedonistic pleasures like the shimmery cool dads on Instagram.


Generation Gap is for Real



I can say this with surety because my Uncle, who raised me and who has been my guardian for most of my life, was searching for contentment some time back amid retirement. Despite having access to all the possible luxuries one could think of, he had this void inside of him which he couldn’t put his finger on.


Well, this continued for quite some time and he became irritated and started to pent up his frustration which used to explode like a volcano when something went wrong. I couldn’t find a better way to serve him because I did everything I could to ensure that he enjoys his retirement but all in vain.


An Idea That Changed My Life


One beautiful day, my peer and I were discussing how his parents always miss the times before the technology took over everything and that they were could never sync with the modern forms of amusement like “Netflix and chill’.


I discussed with him what my Uncle was going through. He suggested that I should send my Uncle to adult care. Within in no time I got stuck in moral ambiguity and categorically rejected the idea at once. However, there was no denying that my peer made sense while advocating that adult daycare could put an end to my Uncle’s woes. 


He said that we are caught in the rat races of the world, and once we reach our homes after putting in a hard day’s work, we can only crash the couch. This way, we can never devote time and energy to seniors at home. This would only broaden the sense of emotional orphancy among them.


Sorry for Privacy Infringement if any


Well, this decision is utterly personal, and we understand that there can’t be a universal solution to it; moreover, you don’t want anyone to poke their nose into this matter. However, there are situations (like the one we are discussing now) where people start to feel overwhelmed (or claustrophobic if you like) and more often than not take wrong decisions out of haste.


What is required instead is that people should take a multifaceted approach towards solving this riddle of life and take a call only after weighing all variables and factors so that the decision works in favor of everyone involved?


When turmoil meets moral ambiguity


You are torn between looking after your parents at home (hardly though) and going for a professional daycare service. You have got introspect that whether you are genuinely in a state of taking such a significant obligation, will you be able to live up to it. The bitter truth is, your parents would become increasingly dependable on you as the time progresses. To the point, where they won’t be able to survive an hour without your presence, let alone doing their daily activities.


Adhere to what’s feasible for you


The practicality card suggests that you ought to be more flexible. You have to be open to relocating, to be able to travel when the job demands and seek new opportunities beyond your hometown. Don’t take these words as Virtues of Selfishness, browse through the blog instead and you learn why adult daycare is the better choice (hands down) than home care for both you and your ‘baby boomers’ parents. Read on and decide for yourself…



1. A sheltered living condition


For seniors to stay securely at home, a wide variety of home changes may be required if their physical wellbeing starts to wind down —, for example, shower railings and alarm system, to name only two — and the costs can escalate quickly. Daycare centers are intended for seniors and are well equipped, helping seniors in avoiding falls and giving them access to whatever machinery they require to go about their daily lives.


2. Fitness


Daycare facilities have fitness instructors who specialize in making seniors work out. The group, Zumba sessions and Yoga classes, keep seniors motivated to remain fit and agile and not just give things into the hands of fate.


3. Activities of Daily Living


Physical reliance on someone is worse than emotional dependence. Imagine you or your younger ones have to assist your parents in their daily course activities like brushing, bathing, etc. and is that feasible enough. You barely make it in time to the office and what if you commit such thing, what will be your morning rituals like, will you leave the bed at 4: am in that case.


Caregivers assist seniors in their activities of daily living and talk them out of their inhibitions so that they remain independent as long as they can.


4. Autonomy


Having the capacity to keep up one’s autonomy is compensating all by itself — and once in a while, that requires having a touch of assistance. Caregivers push seniors to think about themselves while additionally offering access to a rewarding way of life. In the meantime, when families don’t bear the sole duty of fulfilling the needs of their elders, it can lessen everybody’s feeling of anxiety and even enrich family connections. The time that grown-up kids go through with their senior guardians would then be able to end up significant quality time.      


5. Open doors for social movement


Living at home can be segregating, primarily if a senior dwells alone. It very well may be troublesome for the elderly to keep up their social connections when they are not working. In helped living, inhabitants can without much of a stretch mix up with companions, in like manner zones as well as through arranged organized exercises like field outings, moving, and social occasions. 


6. Regulated nourishment


It may be tough to manage seniors’ sustenance at home. Seniors living alone may think that it’s unappealing to cook for one, and it’s trying for the family caregivers to screen whether seniors are receiving the required supplements. In helped living, occupants are served three dinners daily customized to the changing wellbeing needs of more established grown-ups. Some extravagant centers even offer gourmet eating!    


Now that you have evaluated both the options, you would be able to see the gleaming side of assisted living, which you once categorically rejected for obvious reasons. It’s not that you would have to compromise on the sense of affiliation that you share with your parents as you can hire in-home caregivers as well; a babysitting type of set up.


Caring for an aging loved one is easier than ever before with They offer daycare services whose pros have been elaborated in great detail above. You have to figure out what bodes well for you and aging family members.


What are you waiting for? Just visit, and you could fill the void in your life by working out a best possible solution for you and your loved ones.

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