Pros and Cons of Dental Implantation


From the times that we were kids, we have heard our parents talking about the importance of dental care. We were denied too many sweets and were threatened by cavities and tooth decay. Later, we got into the habit of brushing and flossing like any other regular activity. Tooth care is essential, and we must teach hygiene to our children in a way that they become habituated by the time they do all the activities on their own. In spite of so many books and journals about dental care, people still do not follow it properly, and it results in tooth decay. However, falling of teeth can be due to many other natural reasons too, for example, old age.


With the development of science and technology, healthcare has reached the skies, and there is a

Solution for almost every problem. Since teeth are a vital part of the body and help a lot in natural food processing and turn the digestion process, it also enhances your looks and smile. Initially, the development in dental sciences brought in the discovery of dentures and bridges. With more and more growth and changing times, the most recent invention in this category is of dental Implants.


Dental Implants


The meaning of dental implants or implantation is the procedure of replacing tooth roots. Dental

Implantation gives you a removable or fixed replacement with a strong base. The

Replacement teeth match your real teeth like a mirror image. Some experts know

This procedure, and implant dentists are most of the time different than Regular dentists.


Any discovery will have its own set of pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the pros

and cons of dental implants. Let us go through the pros first.


Pros of dental implants


1.         Better appearance


Teeth are a vital part of your overall appearance, and dental implants enhance the beauty. They redesigned in such an expert manner that they blend with your bones perfectly. Besides becoming permanent, they look so real that there is not even a 1%chance of anyone understanding otherwise.


2.         Comfortable Speech


You may be surprised to know that your teeth play an essential role in how you speak. One problem may occur if there are missing teeth and if that is solved, another problem may occur, which is of loose or improper implantation. If your replacement teeth are not designed properly, there will be a chance of it coming out free inside your mouth. This may restrict clear speech. You need to make sure that you get them fixed only by the best dentist in town to avoid such problems.


3.         More comfortable Than Simple Dentures


Traditional dentures are easily removable and hence can wear out with regular use. They can become loose after some time. However, that is not the case with permanent implants.

They fix to your bones so well that there is hardly a risk of loosening.

Therefore, these are much more comfortable than earlier solutions.


4.         Makes Eating Easier


Traditional dentures can become loose and slide into your mouth with overuse. If you are trying teat something a little hard or chewy, wearing temporary dentures can be painful. On the other hand, getting permanent implantation means you can chew food comfortably and painlessly, just the same way as it was with your real teeth.


5.         Boosts Confidence


As said earlier, the smile is an integral part of the face, overall looks, and also your

Personality. Losing such a vital part of your character will affect your confidence and self-esteem. Get your set of dental implants done, and you will get back your confidence and self-esteem.


6.         Better Oral Health


In case of fixing bridges, your neighboring teeth need to get extracted to make way for the new ones. In case of permanent implantation, nothing of this sort is required. If you are going for individual implantation, the rest of your teeth will be left intact, and a space between them will be created. In this way, there will be much lesser pain, and leaving the real teeth intact means your oral health will not get disturbed.


7.         Relax for a long time


As discussed earlier, sharp teeth implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Therefore, you can invest at once and remain relaxed for quite some time after that. It may even last you a complete lifetime.


8.         More Convenient


If you are wearing temporary dentures, you will have to remove them now and then, and it may be an embarrassing situation for you. In case of permanent implants, you can avoid

Such odd jobs and also not go through the trouble of bearing messy and sticky adhesives used for fixing dentures.


The rate of success with dental implants is as high as 98%. The price may, however, be different,

Depending on the position in which they are to be fixed. As said, dental implants can last you a lifetime if you take proper care of them. Now that you know all the benefits or pros of dental implants, let us get on with the cons.


Cons of Dental Implants


1.         Expensive


The fact that modern dental implantation is quite costly, especially if you put it in comparison

With temporary dentures and bridges. This is the most common problem that restricts a lot of people from undergoing this procedure. The cost of sinus graft, implant crown, or the overall system is high.


Moreover, this is complicated procedure that needs expert knowledge. It is like fixing or

Replacing a part of your body, and it may go completely wrong if you let anybody do it to save a little money. Therefore, the better the doctor, usually the more the fees of a session. There are, however, more affordable options if you do the correct research.


2.         Dental Insurance Coverage is Limited


Health insurance has-been revised well in the USA except for the part that covers dental insurance. When it comes to your dental insurance, it is better that you do not rely on it

to cover all or even a significant part of this procedure. Most of the dental insurance will refer to a maximum of $1,500 for the whole year, which is very less if at all, there is any coverage.

Some dental Insurance, on the other hand, will only cover the cost of the canal or the Sinus graft or a similar small part of the whole procedure. Ultimately, most of the money goes from your pocket, and this can be a little difficult for some people.


3.         Surgery Required


The method of dental implants includes an operation which may come along with additional risks. The risk rate can be 1% and can level up to 5% in some cases. Surgery risks cannot

Be anticipated, and you have to be ready for such risks. The chances of dental surgery include excessive bleeding, oral bone fracture, damage caused to other teeth and surrounding nerves, and more.


4.         Probable Replacement


Although there is guaranty that the implantation procedure is permanent, it may need some fixing after a while. This is not the typical case, but 100% success is yet to be achieved. The porcelain covering can get a little chipped, or there may be a problem with the fixing measurement and more. You have to be ready to bear such problems if at all needed.


5.         Bone loss


Over time, there remains a risk of losing bone density in the surrounding areas in which

Implantation has been performed. This can be a little painful, and this can also be avoided until a certain extent by taking good care of the implants.


Here are all the necessary points to take into consideration while deciding whether you want

Implantation or not. Now you are aware of all the major pros and cons of dental Implantation.

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