Why Mothers of These Children Are Happy to Be Respiratory Therapists


Childhood diseases, chronic or acute, are sometimes harder on the parent than they are on the child! Children are more resilient than adults and can often take things in their stride whereas mom, with extreme love for her child, worries over the slightest sniffle or cough. Sometimes, symptoms are not what they appear to be, but other times they should be a huge cause for concern. Children who suffer from respiratory diseases, of any kind, can be in need of respiratory therapy, and this is why moms who have a degree in the field are happy to have spent the time, money and effort studying for a bachelor in respiratory therapy degree such as those you can also get on campus at the University of Cincinnati.

When Johnny Gets the Common Cold

Oftentimes a child will come down with the common cold, for which there is no cure to date, and symptoms will improve within just a matter of days. Other times Johnny will get a severe cold, which can progress into other respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. Like nurses and doctors, moms who have studied for an online respiratory therapy degree will be quick to discern how the pathology isn’t following the normal course of a rhinovirus, coronavirus or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that are known to be the most common causes of the more common cold, but which typically resolve themselves with the help of the body’s immune system within a relatively short period of time.

Children’s Innate Fear of Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices

Children whose immune systems are weakened secondary to other illnesses, genetics or diseases often need respiratory therapy during the course of treatment whereas other children simply drink plenty of juice, eat a few extra oranges and go on about their merry way. Unfortunately, the only hard part about taking Johnny to respiratory therapy is a child’s innate fear of hospitals or doctor’s offices. Moms who have completed a bachelor in respiratory therapy program can either give Johnny treatments at home or in the clinical setting in which she works. This does wonders to help alleviate a child’s fear of the unknown. After all, who does a child know better than mommy?

When Your Child Has Chronic Respiratory Issues

There are a number of childhood diseases and illnesses that are chronic and for which your child will often need ongoing respiratory therapy. Asthma comes to mind as it is quite common and can quickly rear its ugly head. Moms who have studied respiratory therapy are quick to respond with appropriate action and are often less likely to panic. Breathing is labored, without a doubt, and an untrained person could be frozen in fear. While moms have more difficulty in treating their own children than those of a stranger, their training kicks in causing them to act in the moment and cast fear aside for a later time. Many moms explain that once the crisis is past the incredible shaking and panic sets in, but during the crisis they acted purely by instinct and training.

This is not to say that a mom isn’t able to handle respiratory distress in their children, but rather, treating respiratory issues becomes almost second nature to a mom who has had the training in respiratory therapy. Even so, it’s a great degree to have and you’ll just never know when it might come in handy!

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