“Distracted Driving Awareness Month”, let go of that phone while on the road!! #TakeBackMyDrive @NSCsafety




April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and it’s so important to bring awareness to this especially since prom season will be coming soon. When you look at your local Police Reports statics you’ll see that they have recorded stats that will show us that we have so many distracted drivers on the road daily and many have caused fatal accidents.

Distracted driving continues to be a big problem, especially since drivers tend to increase their use of smartphone usage as they drive. With the increase of both old and young drivers it’s vital to always pay attention to your surroundings as you’re on the road.

No matter if you have a handfree device or not keeping your eyes on the road is a must. Distractions can still occur because our mind is so forced on the conversation which could still endanger you, other drivers, bystanders and many others.

Let me be clear, distractions can involve more than just a smartphones! You have people who are grooming while driving, eating, and chatting with passengers and texting.

There are many phone accessory devices that can be paired to your smartphone to help you if you have to communicate via your phone while driving. Accessories like earpieces, phone mounts for dash and many other devices.

handsfree-accessories handsfreeeeeeThe main point is to resist calling and answering phones while driving. Before even starting your vehicle turn your phone off completely and if necessary if it rings make your way to a safe area off the road to answer but if it’s not important answer all calls once you’ve reached your destination.

You must remember when you hit the road you’re not driving just for you, you’re driving for you, the next car and anyone who maybe in the way like bystanders etc. We need to limited if not elevate the cause of deaths by smartphones.

Take this matter serious, to avoid cell phone distractions while driving:

• Turn off your cell phone, or put it on silent, before driving.
• Toss your cell phone in the trunk or glove box to avoid temptation.
• Pre-set your navigation system and music playlists before driving.
• Schedule stops to check voicemails, emails and texts.
• Tell coworkers, family and friends not to call or text you when they know you are driving and most of all inforce these tips to your teen.

Demand that your teen not text nor talk via cellphone while driving, after all “ALL LIVES MATTER”! You can Educate yourself, family and friends with the following materials here.


Now I pose this question to you, will you take the NSC pledge to drive cell free? Come on, get your family, friends and coworkers to make a commitment to not text, or use their cellphones while driving. Let’s reduce the 87 percent to 0 of cellphone texting.





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