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Dino Pet

Dino Pet is so exciting.  My 4 year old, Jacob, loves his Dino Pet.  Of course, his 18 year old sister, helps him feed Dino Pet.  But, Dino Pet has made a big difference in our home.  Jacob used to sleep with his lights on, now, since Dino Pet shines through the entire room, we don’t have any lights on.


Dino Pet is a cool concept of using bioluminescence, made from microscopic sea life called dinoflagellates.  It comes alive more over a 4 week period.  Every week, the light gets brighter.  You just have to remember not to shake your Dino Pet vigorously, or you will kill the dinoflagellates.  You shake him gently.


He’s made a huge impact in our home, and saved us on our electric bill.  I’m going to have to order another though, for my 18 year old, because she loves it.  She helps Jacob take care of his all the time.  She shakes it, to light the room up, and she doesn’t shake it violently, but rather lightly.


Here’s the Features:

  • Optically clear, apatosaurus-shaped micro-aquarium
  • Fillable with living, bioluminescent dinoflagellates
  • Includes Dino Food 2.0 to keep your Dino Pet glowing bright
  • Size: Approximately 6″x3″x6″

You can guarantee the Dino Pet will go over well for someone you love that is scared of the dark, or even just a dino lover.  Jacob is both. 

There is also a book, and extra food you can buy to go with your dino pet.

You can buy a set, where you get the Dino Pet, Food, Flagellates, and a Tshirt for a great price of $79.95.  This is truly an excellent price, but I would still order an extra food, so you have it in 4 weeks.

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