Chuggington “The Big Freeze” coming to DVD on Oct 13, 2015


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Chuggington “The Big Freeze” is Jacob’s favorite movie.  Jacob is my 4 year old.  He absolutely loves Chuggington, and when I was asked to watch the new movie, and review it, that was going to be easy.  Even 18 year old, Sarah, gets into it, when we are watching it.  The best Chuggington cartoon by far.  We love Chuggington because of all the bright colors, and the stories.  The stories are so cute. 


“The Big Freeze” will be released on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015.  Make sure you go out and buy it for your favorite little guy, or gal.  You could even save it for the Holidays.  They are coming up quickly. 

“The Big Freeze” is 73 minutes, and will be a great price of only $14.98.  So plan on heading over to your local store and buying Chuggington’s newest flick this Tuesday.


  • The Big Freeze – Never-before-seen holiday special!
  • First Responder Calley
  • On Track Brewster
  • Hodge Can’t Wait
  • Zephie’s Star Club
  • Toot’s New Friend

DVD Bonus features:

  • Badge Quest Episode: “Share the Load”
  • Character Montages: “Daley” and “The Docks Crew” reports: “Now this is what good children’s entertainment is about! The stories are terrific, the characters are delightful, and the animation is awesome!” And, for double the turbo-charged adventures, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release in tandem the new-to-DVD dino-sizedChuggington” title, “Wilson and the Dinosaur.”

Chuggington is on the Disney Channel weekdays.  You can watch older episodes, daily. 

Chuggington has been a favorite of Jacob’s since I can remember.  Sarah, age 18, watches it with him, and talks to him about the characters.

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