Designing Your Toddler’s Bedroom For Better Quality Sleep



Children who sleep in their own bedrooms sleep better, according to National Public Radio (NPR). Sleep is crucial for toddlers as it benefits their development, behavior, and health. To make sure your toddler gets the recommended 11 to 14 hours per sleep per day, you need to create a nice, calm sleeping environment for them. So, here’s everything you need to include in your tot’s bedroom design.

Keep it calm

It may be tempting to paint your toddler’s bedroom walls in bright, fun, child-friendly colors, but these shades won’t help your child to sleep. Red, purple, and orange are particularly bad colors for promoting sleep, according to science. This is because they are stimulating and encourage bad emotions. Instead, opt for calming, soft, pale shades. Natural, earthy tones are also a good choice. You can then add a splash of color with a feature wall, a comfy reading chair, a cozy bedspread, or with some animal-themed furniture. 

A comfy bed 

Somewhere between the ages of 18 months and three years, your toddler is likely to try to climb out of his or her crib. This can be dangerous and cause injuries. When he or she tries this, it’s time to change your child’s sleeping arrangements. This means replacing your toddler’s crib with a bed. This is a big step but you can make the transition easier by letting your toddler test out their new bed at nap times first. Let them choose their new bedding too. If they feel happy and comfortable in their new surroundings then they’re more likely to want to sleep in it which means bedtime will be a breeze.

Go dark 

74% of parents say they’ve left their child’s bedroom light on all night. This isn’t good as research shows that darkness regulates your body clock. Therefore, the darker your child’s room, the better they will sleep. There are a number of ways you can make your child’s bedroom dark. A blackout blind or blackout curtains are highly recommended. If you opt for blinds, use ones without cords as they’re a strangulation risk. If your child is afraid of the dark, you can put a night light in their bedroom. Studies have shown that night lights with a red bulb are better for inducing sleep, while yellow, white, and blue should be avoided.

Invest in storage 

Research has found that it takes longer to fall asleep in a cluttered bedroom than a tidy one. Your toddler’s bedroom is sure to have lots of toys in it, but you need to make sure you stash them all away at bedtime. Toy organizers, toy chests, storage boxes, and bookcases are essential for any toddler’s bedroom. If you’re short on space, think about buying under bed storage boxes and wall mounted shelving units.

Your toddler needs a substantial amount of sleep every day. This can only be achieved when they have a comfortable and sleep-inducing bedroom to crash in. Follow these design tips and your little one is sure to enjoy better sleep soon.

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AkaRasty Shiphr
AkaRasty Shiphr
1 year ago

I think that a carpet is definitely needed for a child in the bedroom, since the child is growing and he is learning to crawl. We chose a carpet from the site for our child’s room, because it was on this site that we picked up a carpet suitable for us for the interior. We really liked it because it is very soft and can be easily cleaned..

1 year ago

A carpet is a good item for a child’s bedroom indeed. And yes, when choosing a carpet, it’s important to consider whether it’s easy to clean. Carpets accumulate lots of dust and allergens and can cause poor indoor air quality. That makes it essential to make proper cleaning regularly.

Happy Hiller
1 year ago

It’s also important to ensure that the air in the tot’s bedroom is clean. To do this, it’s necessary to clean the air conditioner filter regularly. Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect the health of the child and cause serious ailments.

11 months ago
Reply to  Happy Hiller

Good point! Pros recommend cleaning filters once every two months. However, it rather depends on the type of filter you use. You might also need to do it more often if you have pets.

Solar Specials Perth
11 months ago

Bedroom is one of our most important rooms in our home. It’s where we spend most of our time and it’s where we relax and escape the world. We want our child to feel comfortable and safe in their bedroom, and we want it to be an environment that offers quality sleep.

Here are a few tips for designing a better bedroom for your toddler:

1. Make sure the bed is big enough for both you and your child. Most toddlers are not as big as they need to be to fit comfortably in a bed, so make sure the bed is large enough to fit both of them. Solar Panels with Battery Perth

2. Make sure the bed is comfortable. A comfortable bed will help your child feel safe and healthy while they sleep. Make sure the bed is made of good quality materials and has an appropriate number of pillows so that your child can get good rest.

3. Make sure the room is clean. A clean room will provide a positive environment for children to sleep in and will help them feel relax and refreshed when they wake up in the morning. Make sure the room is smells nice and has plenty of storage areas so that you can keep all of your child’s toys and

Custom Homes Brisbane
11 months ago

If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish bedroom for your little one, it’s time to consider designing it yourself. There are a lot of great tutorials and tips out there on how to make a bedroom that will both comfort and impress your toddler. So, without further ado, here’s a look at how to design your very own toddler’s bedroom. Luxury Home Builders Brisbane