What Are Keto Diet Pills and How Do They Help You Lose Weight?


Keto diet pills are diet pills meant to put the body into a ketosis state to help in weight loss. When the body is in a ketosis state, it burns fat for energy instead of burning carbs.

Keto pills are based on the ketogenic diet in which one eats a diet of low-carb and high-fat foods. The diet, which consists of low carbs forces the body to use fats for fuel. This puts the body in a ketosis state where it produces more ketones or keto acids since the fat cells go to the liver and get converted into ketones. The body uses these ketones for energy. With the fat cells converted to energy, you are able to lose weight.

The keto pills work on the same basis as the ketogenic diet. Their aim is to increase the ketones levels in the blood. However, the pills contain either beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts or medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The liver breaks these to ketones, therefore increasing the level of ketones in the blood. These help your body to go into ketosis faster than if you were only on the ketogenic diet.

How Do Keto Diet Pills Help You to Lose Weight?

Keto diet pills can help you to lose weight by:

  1.   By Helping To Burn Fats

Keto diet pills have BHBs or MCTs which the liver breaks down to ketones. The ketones are then broken down to energy. However, the pills work best when you are following a ketogenic diet where you take in more fats and less carbs. You should not use the keto pills alone and expect to see significant weight loss changes.

The keto diet pills help to fast-track your weight loss journey by helping to convert more fats to ketones.  The more the fats are converted to ketones and used for energy, the more you are likely to lose weight with keto bhb pills. By combining with a ketogenic diet, you ensure that you are taking in more fats and proteins with less carbs.

Since the body has fewer carbohydrates which it can use for energy, it results in burning fats which it converts to ketones. The ketones are then used to supply energy to the body.

A keto diet pill with BHB induces your body into ketosis immediately, which means you start fat burning right away. This is unlike if you were on the ketogenic diet only in which case you would have to wait for up to 3 weeks for your body to get into ketosis.

You can take keto diet pills that contain MCTs without the keto diet. The body converts the MCTs to ketones which trigger your body to burn fats. MCT C8 or caprylic acid is the most effective on diet pills although some may contain C10 or C12. However, it is advisable to take the keto pills with a healthy diet and exercising.

According to studies, the best time to take a keto pill is before a meal, when it is likely to raise the ketone levels higher. If taken after a carb-containing meal, it doesn’t raise ketone levels as much.

  1.   Increases Metabolism

Some of the keto diet pills such as the KetoPower Boost help to boost metabolism. This way, your body converts fats to energy faster, which also helps in weight loss.

  1.   Reduces Cravings

Cravings cause hunger pangs that make you eat more. Keto diet pills with MCT C8 help to suppress hunger since the ketones suppress ghrelin, a hunger hormone.

One study found that the keto diet pills reduced appetite for more than four hours. The less you feel hungry, the less you are likely to eat, and therefore lose weight.

  1.   Side Effects

As they help to lose weight, keto diet pills have side effects. These are caused by the change of the body from using carbs as a source of energy to using fats. The side effects include diarrhea, stomach discomfort and nausea.


The purpose of keto diet pills is to quicken the body to enter into ketosis. While on the normal ketogenic diet you can take days or weeks to get to ketosis, with the pills, you can start the process immediately.

This means, you need to combine the use of the keto diet pills with a healthy diet such as the ketogenic diet for them to be effective. You will need to eat a low carb, high fat diet, and combine it with exercise. Your body can’t get into ketosis when you are eating lots of carbs. You need to watch your carbs and calorie intake.

Other than having the BHBs or MCTs, the keto diet pills help to boost metabolism and reduce cravings, all which help in weight loss.

However, you should note that the keto diet pills are not FDA regulated, and therefore you need to be cautious to research and use only the best. Also, you should be aware of side effects.

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Jake J
Jake J
1 year ago

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Dylan Brown
1 year ago

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