An In-Depth Review Of The 000webhost


When you are a regular in the world of web hosting free, there are a number of options that come up to you usually and from there you make the choice of that particular web hosting site after a lot of comparison and details of the features provided by the site. So, for choosing that particular website, you do need the perfect balance that can differentiate among good services that come with an optimized price. That will certainly be a help in short-listing the services that you will need.

An Introduction To 000webhost!!

Do you know that we have just the right service for you in this case? Presenting to you, 000webhost, one of the most renowned and a perfect example of best free web hosting and WordPress hosting service seller.

Ever since its existence in 2007, the free WordPress web hosting service has taken the entire world by storm. It is generally known as one of the first web hosting service providers that is for free. As the name suggests, it offers the users hosting free options. A great option for settling down indeed when compared to the other backdated myths in the name of web hosting services. Neither are they capable enough as 000webhost, nor are they safe as this one.

The list doesn’t end here people as there is more. There are multiple features that can be added to the amazing package that the service provides. You also get an absolutely fee package as well. The plan basically offers a total bandwidth of 10 GBPS and 1 GB storage in Cloud. Apart from that, double website hosting services is also provided. When it comes to free web hosting WordPress, we are here to tell you that you will be greatly benefitted with the amazingness that is 000webhost.

Amazing Features of 000webhost

With all of that being said, let us move on to the interesting list of features that this service provider has got in store for you. These features make it one of the most amazing sites when it comes to providing unparalleled experience and great options.

  • MySQL and PHP

When it comes to the important features, this is an impressive one to add. The service provider, apart from providing PHP support, provides more flexibility to run it. Also, MySQL is easy to run using a free account as well. You don’t have to be an expert and a hot-shot in website building to use this features as it can be used by absolute noobs. Customers that are equipped with free accounts can easily get multiple databases for free. This is certainly one of the best features of the amazing service provider.


However, there is a chance of some restrictions when it comes to WordPress. Still, users will be able to select themes, widgets, and plugins.

  • Easy Website Building

One of the most interesting and helpful features of 000webhost is the amazing website builder which makes it really easy for the users to build quality websites. Even the people with a limited knowledge of this technology will be able to easily create engaging websites with the help of the website builder that 000webhost has got. Never ever has it been so easy to choose the templates, undergo component arrangement, and add pictures, texts, and much more. The drag-drop feature available at the website builder makes things even simpler and easy to use for the newbie website builders. All you have to do is follow the link to the address of the website builder of 000webhost.

Other Interesting Features

If you have signed up to the website for some free account, then 000webhost is your buddy for creating great websites. WordPress uploading is also very much possible with this amazing service.  Not to mention the impressive bandwidth of 10 GB and a disk space of 1000 MB. But we will get to that in the later part of the review.

One of the most interesting features is the cPanel that is certainly the best for the users who are trying to manage their emails, accounts, FTPs, databases, and backups with a webpage. You get your files automatically backed up every single month. The site is a safe one to use as well. With 000webhost, you get everything, don’t you?

An In-detail Study Of The Pricing And Support Of 000webhost

Now that you know all about the features of the 000webhost, it is now time to dwell on some other factors that make it one of the best service providers for free WordPress hosting.


The premium package starts with $3.49 and the business plan is for $7.49 per month which proves to be a cheap and easy method for the web hosting services. If you get the premium service, then the domain comes absolutely free of cost. You also get web assistance with the package as well.


Instant Backups

One of the best things about 000webhost is the instant backup feature. Nowadays, keeping big data safe is quite a difficult task. When you create a site with 00webhost, your data will be automatically and instantly backed up without you having to do anything. This feature is a default and has a restoration button as well.

Ad Support

The free WordPress web hosting services that are provided by the other brands don’t really allow the running of customized ads from the website of the hosted service. 000webhost is no exception either. With 000webhost, you will never get the ads even on the free plans. The users are allowed to run their ads.

Email Support

Nowadays, we all know how important email support is. It provides the ads even when there are the free plans along with the additional features like the Google platform, mail function support, and much more. The addition of this particular feature to 000webhost is certainly one of the best things veer which makes it a popular choice amongst the users.

With this detailed and in-depth review of the features, specifications, and qualities of 000webhost, it can be said without any doubt that this free web hosting WordPress service provider is absolutely a boon when it comes to web hosting and related uses.

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