Decide On Using A Filter Water Bottle After Considering The Pros And Cons


It is a universal truth that every coin has two faces and similarly there are pros and cons of using water bottles with filters. However, the benefits of using these innovative bottles eclipse the disadvantages making it the most feasible option. It is for this reason these filter water bottles are becoming more and more popular and most manufacturers recommend this product to all.

The several benefits

There are several benefits of using a filter water bottle. A few of these benefits are;

  • Cost: Using these filter water bottles are more cost effective. If you buy bottled water at home or when you go out it will add up to your expenses and in the end you will realize the hefty amount you spent on drinking water. These water bottles with a filter are a big solution to it being the best alternative to save lot of money. You can securely use tap water for drinking as these water bottles have its own filter.
  • Environment: You will reduce, if not eliminate the chances of polluting the environment when you use these water bottles with filters. These will not end up in the landfills and therefore will save the environment. Moreover, plastic bottles take a lot of energy to make, to store and deliver. If you have refillable and reusable water bottle with a built-in filter it will be much more efficient and a good alternative to save the environment.
  • Convenience: Since these water bottles with filters are a ‘ready to go’ type, you can use it anywhere and everywhere conveniently. You can use tap water and drink safe water after filtering it in these bottles. It is easy to use in places where potable water is hard to find.
  • Alternative: These Fill2Pure water bottles with filter are a very useful alternative to the disinfection tablets that you use to filter water when you are travelling in regions known to have unsafe water. Being small and easy to use these tablets may be very useful but the time that it would take to dissolve and show its effect before you can use the water is much more than the time taken by these filter water bottles. Moreover, there is a chance of running out of tablets and not get a store in the area to buy them from.
  • UV light wands: You will not need to carry the ultraviolet light wands any more to disinfect water. These light wands do disinfect water fast but will need batteries to operate. Therefore, you will need backup batteries when one is dead. With these bottles there is no need for such worries.
  • Hard pumps: You will also not need to carry those heavy and bulky hard pump filters that may be fast and effective but very uncomfortable to use.

In short, the water bottle with filters is the best option to disinfect water without having to boil it to kill the germs. It is the most natural and cost effective way to disinfect water. It is a great thing to have and use on a regular basis.

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4 years ago

That why I use filtered tap water. Less plastic to the water mass. Thank for sharing this interesting article.