10 Ways To Plan Your 10 Year Old’s Birthday Celebration


Worrying about your child’s 10th birthday bash? We know what he expects. If you think planning the day is a whole lot of hassle, we have got you covered with easy-peasy birthday celebration ideas for your kid that will not only keep him excited but also incessantly smiling for 24 hours of the day. Take the guide:

  1. So Many Balloons!

Surprise your child with a bunch load of balloons. Don’t wake up your child at night or make him feel that you have planned something. Instead, fill the walls of your child’s room with balloons of all sorts and don’t forget to insert some sweet treats in those balloons. Do all of this while he’s asleep.

  1. Yay a message!

Before your child goes in the bathroom to bathe, write happy birthday on the mirror with the steamy mirror technique and make your child believe that the wishes have been written by an angel on their mirror.

  1. Birthday Crown?? Am I a Royalty?

Make a DIY crown or tiara for your child so that they can understand their value in your life. Give away the kingdom of your heart officially to your child with this Crowning. 

  1. Special Lunch

Definitely, you would have planned to cook the favorite items for your child’s lunch but rather than serving it in the usual way, wrap each item differently to make the usual daily routine celebratory.

  1. How Does Everyone Know?

Put a message on your front door saying “Press the doorbell to wish (Your Child’s Name) a Happy Birthday!” Believe it or not, your doorbell will keep ringing throughout the day. Be it the cute society kids or bachelors next door or the old aged couple who live on the ground floor, everyone will come by which might get a little worrying for you but not for your little one.

  1. This Tree Is My Tot

Help your child in planting a tree on his birthday which will add to the positive things he did for the society and the coming generations. Make your child understand the benefits of planting a tree and give him a story for life as the tree will always be your child’s bairn.

  1. So Yummy!

Don’t forget to get the cake of your child’s favorite flavor. Buy birthday cake online as you would be getting many more options than selected few flavors at the local store.

  1. I Want This Day Forever!

Don’t use your phones or other electronics like laptop, television or your PC. Overuse of phone is one habit that your child learns from you and demands it once you reach home. Remove this device from your life just for one day.

  1. Thank You!

Tell your child a story of your life that left an impact on you so that your child remembers this story as a memory and takes this memory as a lesson while growing up.

  1. Memories…

Take down the handprint of your child on a gypsum cement slate. In coming 10 years of your life, your child might go to another city but you can always hold his handprint and sleep peacefully.

Make use of these thoughtful ideas to fill your child’s 10th birthday with fun and we bet he’ll be gifted with a pleasant memory to be cherished forever.

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