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Here it is, “Riptide”! Techland, Deep Silver, and Chrome Engine 5 has released the latest version of Dead Island! Here is the trailer:

The four main characters (Purna, Logan, Xian, and Sam B) are the same from the original Dead Island, but they are giving us a new immune character, John. He is a hand-to-hand expert. This is another added character that you can experience. Here is a look at them all:

 Purna is a bodyguard and firearms expert:


Logan is an ex-quarterback and a throwing expert:


Xian was in the Chinese Special Forces and a blade weapons expert:


Sam B is a Rapper and a blunt weapons expert:


John, the hand-to-hand expert:


All the characters can use any of the weapons, but they have their own expertise that aids them.

If you have never played Riptide before, the commentary will keep you up-to-date on what happened to them in the original “Dead Island”. However, you will probably want to get the original Dead Island though; it got “Game of the Year”! And it comes with “The Arena” which is a group of maps that you can kill wave after wave of the undead. It also has a leader board to track your progress.


Riptide has a lot more Zombies It will challenge you in some areas. You will have to get inventive to survive some spots. Be sure to carry a lot of med-kits! Here is some game play to show you one area:

I already started playing Riptide again. I have several characters started at various places in the game. I like how I can individualize each player and save them at different stages in the game.

Riptide is a lot of fun to play! It is a first person shooter (which means it is from you eye’s perspective). You can jump, run, kick, switch weapons, crouch, and there are throwables, consumables, and lots of ways to modify you weapons. I can’t tell you all of the ways that you can personalize your character and weapons; there’s just too many of them!

There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy the game. You can go through the main quest,  you can do all of the side-quests, or you can just run around and raise havoc!

Here is one of the great things that I like about Riptide (and Dead Island); you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can jump into someone else’s game, or they can jump into yours. You can also adjust your settings so that others can’t join your game if you don’t want them to. You can team up with your friends, or you can look on-line for a good match. I guess you really can have it your way!

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Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this game for review purposes only. I was not given any money to sway my decision. All of my thoughts are my own.

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