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Recently hubby and I played Dead Island Game of The Year Edition, Zombie fighting fans so we were super excited to check out Dead Island!. It is developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver.

“Zombies” has been a new craze among gamers. I guess it’s acceptable to kill something that’s already dead. Here on Dead Island there are all the zombies you could ever want, and then some. But Dead Island isn’t just a kill or be killed kind of game, it is a story of the struggles of a character to eventually get off of the island to return to (what you hope) is a normal life again.

The storyline is from the perspective of the character that you are playing. There is a solo only character, Ryder White, and four other characters that all have their own unique skills that make them more effective in that area. You can play any that you like and save each one’s progress as you go. I have three that I am currently playing just to see how each one differs from the other.


If you haven’t seen the trailer for Dead Island, GOTY, then here is your opportunity:

As you play the game, you can talk to people and they will ask you to do something for them. You have the ability to accept or refuse their offers; it’s your choice; that’s a nice thing about this game.

There is another great feature for those who like playing on-line. The screen will prompt you if there are others on the same mission and you can join them for some co-op fun. Also, sometimes someone would join me and help me accomplish my task. You get experience points for their kills as well as your own.

We recorded some of the game-play and I thought you might want to see some of it, so we I made a small clip of things for you to watch.

Here’s how the experience points works: As you play the game, you gain experience points for kills and missions that you complete. The experience points go towards a system of levels that your character can achieve. It’s a sort of ranking system. Anyways, as you become higher in levels, you can use stronger weapons and your character becomes stronger.


There are also skills that your character can hone in on that will open up new skills. It’s sort of a skill tree, and there are three major branches; Fury, Combat, and Survival. You choose which branches and which skills you want to acquire; just another way that you can personalize each character. I like that I can individualize my character.

There are a lot of different weapons that you can use, from boards and pipes, to swords and guns. You can also fight with your fists, brass knuckles, and by kicking them. I like kicking them first to throw them off balance and then take care of business!

As you play you will develop your character and learn new tricks like jumping on things or climbing up ladders to get away from the hordes that are too powerful for you to take on by yourself.

In the “Bloodbath Arena” you have 4 different maps to kill, wave after endless wave of the undead. And these “Arenas” can be played solo or co-op. Here is a little video of getting to, and playing there that we made:

This game has relics, weapons, cash, and all sorts of items that you can pick up and use or sell. You can upgrade your weapons as well as modify them. I like that too.

I have played this game for several hours and completed the main storyline. I really enjoyed playing it, but now I am wondering what all I missed and I also enjoyed playing with others on-line. So, as you might imagine, I have to return to “Dead Island”! It’s a nasty job, but somebody has to do it. How else are we going to control the horrifying Zombies!?!

This game won Game of the Year and with good reason, it is a really good game. I hope you enjoy it as well.

If you like graphic games this is a must, just keep it away from the kiddos, this game is all about the grown-ups and even the young adults can certainly enjoy this game.


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