Cozy, Dozy And Dreamy: Create a Beautiful Bedroom For Blissful Sleep


That moment you sink into a plush bed with a high thread count and doze off into serene dreamland is the moment you know you’ve landed in a luxury hotel. But feeling that way doesn’t have to be strictly isolated to vacation time. You can create that cozy, dozy dreamy feeling in your home with just a careful bit of planning and execution. Read on to find out some of the ways you can bring that five-star boutique hotel experience into your own bedroom for a blissful night’s sleep.

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Clear The Clutter


From Marie Kondo to Martha Stewart, we hear it all the time from the professionals: clear the clutter for a more joyful life. Unfortunately, those words are so very true! Let’s go back to that hotel experience we were talking about. A hotel room has no paperwork, kids toys or a pile of dirty laundry in it. There’s nothing hidden under the bed or overstuffed in the drawers. And you can walk around the room without bashing into any miscellaneous objects. So make it your mission to create that relaxing environment in your own bedroom. If other areas of your life creep into your bedroom, make it a rule not to let them. Even if you have to put three big boxes in the hallway and empty all the junk into there, it’s a start. Clearing your bedroom of clutter is a beneficial way to get a better night’s sleep. At a later date, you can think about adding new storage to maximize your organization. For now, you just want to create a room that evokes balance, harmony and peace.

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Mattresses And Bedding

Think carefully when choosing your mattress and bedding. We will spend about 33% of our lives sleeping so it makes sense to invest some money into how well we do it. Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a sumptuous mattress and being able to relax completely. You can check out places like WTBB’s line up of the best beds to help find your perfect mattress. And again, invest in high thread count sheets and a beautiful duvet cover for your bed. Relaxation is a state of mind and the more we can do to help it on its way the better. Nothing beats the crisp white freshness of hotel linen so why not recreate that in your own bedroom too? And remember, the higher the thread count you buy, the softer your duvet cover will be. Thread count goes all the way up to 1,000 TC.

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A Meditative State


To get a dreamy night’s sleep you need to create a blissful ambiance in your bedroom. Have a bright light as the main for when you are getting ready to go out, but also have bedside dimmer lights for nighttime to create a soothing glow. Decorate your room in a soft neutral palette for a calming feel and use scents such as chamomile and lavender to promote relaxation and rest. And finally, add some luxurious hotel-worthy touches yyour bedroom. Invest in a glistening chandelier, a beautiful piece of art and an elegant high headboard for complete boutique style.


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